College Students Should Not Be Paid - Argumentative Essay Example

Published: 2019-07-08
College Students Should Not Be Paid - Argumentative Essay Example
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The argument on whether college athletes should be paid is important to the education and sports sector. This paper will explore the different reasons why college student should not be paid for their services offered to their respective institutions.

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The first reason why college student institution should not pay such athletes is that it will erode sportsmanship. In May institutions not paying athletes at the armature level helps in fostering excellent sportsmanship since many athletes put in hours of training and playing on the field without any form of remuneration. This helps them play their sports passionately as opposed to for financial benefits. However, the introduction of pay for college athletes may encourage many individuals to join sports for the financial benefits that they offer students. This in turn will reduce the amount of sportsmanship at the armature level (Horace, 2015).

Paying students for sports would also erode the value of education to students. This is attributable to the fact that offering pay incentives for players some students will attend college in order to receive pay by participating in sports rather than getting an education and acquiring a degree or diploma in the process. This in turn will degrade the quality and level of education received by college athletes because many will concentrate on playing and improving their skills since they are being paid to play (Horace, 2015).

College athletes should not receive pay since some already have sports scholarships from their respective institutions. In many cases, college athletes receive education scholarships from institutions in in return for playing for the college team. Furthermore, some athletes receive 100% scholarships. This includes having all their expenses catered for the institution such as medical fees, books, meals and boarding fees. With the increasing cost of education, scholarships are sufficient remuneration for college students since other students end up with huge education debts at the end of their college education period (Kieran, 2015).

College student should not receive pay for their services since this would introduce issues on the amount of remuneration that students should receive and whether all athletes should receive similar pay. Currently, there is no structure in place to determine the pay that each student should receive based on the type of sport played. This is mainly because different sports have different levels of difficulty, different levels of viewership and attendance. This would create a situation where institutions would have to determine which sports are more important as compared to others. In turn, this would raise further issues for the institution such as claims of some sports receiving unfair treatment.

College student should not receive pay since institutions also have deferring level of sports funds available and budgeted to them. This implies that different institutions will offer different pay structures due to differences in the amount that can be channeled towards paying athletes. This would to payments to athletes being unfair since some colleges would have higher funds available to pay their players as opposed to others. In turn, this would encourage players to choose colleges based on the remuneration offered by the institution as opposed to the education offered (Ekow, 2015).

Lastly, institutions should not pay college athletes since some sports in college do not generate any revenue for the institution. This would imply that institutions would have to use their own funds to pay players. Furthermore, monetarizing sports and sports attendance would introduce new challenges to institutions since it would require investing in stadiums, facilities as well as marketing activities to raise sports attendance for specific sports events and teams.

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