Argumentative Essay Sample on Kids Playing Football

Published: 2022-02-22
Argumentative Essay Sample on Kids Playing Football
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For many years football has been opined as one of the games with many health benefits, particularly to children. The kids are also able to interact with each other during the time of playing and learn how to work as a team with their teammates. Even though these positive concerns exist, it has been noted that playing, in general, may put the cognitive development of the child at risk. When kids come together to play, their intention is never ill, but there are risks which are involved. The National Football League (NFL) has in the recent past taken to task to explain the measures which they have put in place to ensure that those playing football suffer fewer injuries. The NFL responded by bringing forth certain suggestions, for example, the mandatory usage of mouth guards which must also be worn at all time by the players. Other suggestions were based on putting independent doctors on the sidelines to ensure that those people who may suffer injuries are given professional assessment followed by subsequent treatment to mention but a few. The concern on football and the role played by the NFL, therefore, brings us to the main concern on kids playing football with the main discussion revolving whether parents should allow their children to play football.

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The thesis is two-phased because it requires a supportive and opposing claim. Many parents in the United States take football as a game with great negative impact on the kids than adults. For adults, their brains have already developed and may not be as vulnerable as the kids. Therefore, they can work with the regulations put in place by the NFL, but the kids require a closer watch in case they have to play. They must be attended to throughout even when they suffer minor injuries because the impact may be great and consequential. Most parents believe that their kids are minor and have not reached the age of consent. It is thus their moral duty as a society to ensure that they are protected until they reach the age where they cannot just make independent decisions but those that are made courtesy of sound judgment. The full development of the human brain usually occurs between the age of 18 and 25, an issue which requires that the kids should be allowed to grow up while being provided with information and education on the risks involved in playing football and other games. The decision they make should not be influenced by an adult, parent, or even a coach. It is thus considered to note that the primary argument which the parents are putting forth against football is based on the well-being of their children. They are after their kids growing with minimal complications and mental challenges. That is why they continuously champion for the NFL to make constant improvements in the manner in which players play and how the game can be made safer. They are also informed of the importance of proper cognitive development of the kids, and they see football as a possible hindrance to the development.

Even though the argument against kids playing football exist, other parents are for their kids to play the game. For them, they see football as a place where the children begin to learn discipline and teamwork. For them, football is guided by rules hence making their children learn how to follow instructions from an early age. On the issue of teamwork, the game allows the kids to play different but coordinating roles to score. The coordination is what brings about teamwork, something that will impact their lives in the future, either in school or in workplaces. The aspect of football being physical also encourages other parents to allow their children play the game, they see it as a platform where they can undertake physical exercise and increase the manner in which their cognitive system functions. Some children also play football because they like, it is fun and interesting to play the game.


In consideration of the two sides of the argument, it comes out clearly that football is a game that is played by both kids and adults and the NFL has a role to ensure that the game is made safer and with fewer injuries. Even though NFL makes those steps, some parents still feel that their children should not play the game because of the associated negative implications. Their basic argument is based on the possible interference of their children cognitive development. They thus maintain that kids should be allowed to grow until the age of 18 to 25 to enable their brains to develop fully. However, some parents also see football as a platform that nurtures discipline, and teamwork amongst the kids and as such have little objections towards the game. Both the two sides give valid opinions and inform my closing remark that football has both merits and demerits hence may not be ideal for kids. If they have to play, then it must be under close supervision of the parent, the guardian, or the coach and must be played in line with the regulation put forth by the NFL.

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