Argumentative Essay on Abortion, Free Sample for Everyone

Published: 2019-11-12 18:21:46
Argumentative Essay on Abortion, Free Sample for Everyone
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Everyone has ever made a crucial decision in their lives such that it ended up changing their lives for good. The situation is in fact real and it is a situation that women has to deal with on a daily basis. Whether one likes it or not, there is a baby that is born all over the world after a period of 4.2 seconds. Moreover, most of the women today consider abortion as an option to deal with early pregnancy or unwanted pregnancy for that matter (Gelaye, Kajeepeta and Williams 749). Most people protest against abortion calling it a heinous act and murder although abortion can be beneficial.

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There have been claims everywhere that when a woman carry out abortion, she will end up have complications in her health. First of all, when talking about the health of the mother and saving a life, having a child can be very hard and dangerous to the mother. There are various complications that a woman faces when she is giving birth. The complications are there even when the woman is pregnant like weight gain, morning sickness, constipation, edema and back pain. During delivery, a woman can have labor pains and death possibilities (Murphy 70). In the case of death possibilities, the mothers life should not be negotiated and it would be better to go for abortion. The mothers bodies can also face permanent harm and the only way to prevent this from happening is abortion. Keeping the mother safe is not only the one way that abortion can be used in a good way, but it is the most important reason that it is good.

A lot of people have got issues raising a child that was a product of incest. This is a situation of close relatives engaging in sexual intercourse. Close relatives rape many young women. The young ladies find themselves in situations that force them to bring up a child who is threatened and can have complications due to the genetic combination. Incest can make the victim ashamed and depressed which can lead to suicide (Gelaye, Kajeepeta and Williams 741-751). To avoid this, the victim should be allowed to practice abortion and save the child the misery of being a curse and the cause of sadness to the mother.

Women have got moral right to make a decision whether they want to carry abortion or not. It is their right to decide what they want with their bodies. The right to abort is vital for gender equality and it is essential for women to achieve their full potential and feel that they have planned for the family and life that they wanted. The banning of abortion will only put the womens health at risk since they will be forced to go for illegal abortionists (Quinlan 170). The right to abortion should be included in the pregnancy rights since it enables the women to make a full and free choice on whether to end the pregnancy or not. A woman should be regarded as a person who should be accorded the necessary rights and not just a container that contains the fetus. They should therefore be given the right and needs to choose what happens inside them.

In the US supreme court, an important decision made in Roe v Wade supported the fact that human being has the right to decide what should be done with their own body and therefore they have control over aborting an unwanted fetus. The court ruled that a womans right to terminate her pregnancy is under the freedom of her choice and that it was protected by the 14th amendment of the US constitution. The women liberation movement considers abortion as vital for gender equality (Murphy 66). They claim that if a woman is not allowed to have an abortion, she is not only forced to carry on with the pregnancy, but is also expected to look after the resulting child for many years to come. If women are allowed to have the right to decide whether or not to have the baby, then they have achieved equality with men. The liberation claims that the freedom of women and their life choices become limited when they bear children. They therefore have to abide by the stereotypes, oppressive duties and the social customs that requires them to take care of the children.

There are cases where the mother is at risk and the pregnancy can kill the mother. In cases of ectopic pregnancy where implantation occurs outside the womb usually in the fallopian tubes, the mother can die if the pregnancy continues. When the egg implants on the fallopian tube, there wont be any developments and the mother is at risk if abortion is not carried out (Gelaye, Kajeepeta and Williams 746). Having a child at a very young age is not always a good turn for the baby and can make the mother to feel depressed and also pressured by the overwhelming responsibilities. The mother might even lack financial support to offer the child therefore bringing a child to a life full of misery and despair. If a child should be brought into this world, then the mother and the father should be there, prepared and ready to take care of the child. By so doing, the Society will have a reduction of crimes and a group of individuals who are miserable out of bad choices.

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