Young Goodman Brown - Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-21
Young Goodman Brown - Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay Example
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The short story, "Young Goodman Brown" is based on some events that take place in life and each of them revolves around being morally upright and behaving as per the needs and desires of the society. The story was a perfect depiction of the reason as to why humanity exists in the state that is seen to be full of depravity. At the same, it showed that God is the one who is in control of everything and that he is destined when it comes to everything that is unconditionally based on the fact that he acts on unmerited grace. In that case, the author has focused on the Puritan culture by showing all the senses of sin that are attached to the people at large. In that case, everything is portrayed positively as they revolve around the Young Goodman Brown's issues as was going through self-scrutiny. In the end, Young Goodman Brown lost all that he had regarding virtue.

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The plot of the story was perfect but still had a number things that needed to be given more clarification in after that. One of the questions that arise in this case is based on the plot of the story. Why did Brown have to travel at night whereas the mission could be fulfilled even in the daylight? The other question is that the wife of Brown seemed to be worried about the journey that the husband was about to pursue. Is it true that she had a caring character that made her so much inquisitive?

The objective of the story was to make it clear that people change life regardless of the good and the bad things that they do. The antagonist in the story was, therefore, Brown, as he had a feeling that evening he was doing, was right. The protagonist was the wife who was against all his wishes. The primary conflict in this was case arose between Brown and the wife who did not want her to embark on her journey.

One of the aspects of the story that interests me is based on the fact that Brown wanted to go to the forest, but it was still not clear whatever he was going to do there in the first place. He just wanted to travel to a place that he did not know and still had the psyche and courage to head there. The other interesting thing is the fact that there were some people who were caring and did not want to see those close to them get into a trap of falling to negativities. In this case, Brown's wife, Faith was the most caring character as she had a feeling all would not end well after the journey. In that case, she was against the journey that the husband wanted to start on that day.

The other interesting thing was based on the fact that some evil spirits were revolving around Brown's life but he was not aware of the entire incident. For instance, it was not clear whether he saw an old man with a black serpent or whether everything was just a dream that was yet to come true. At the same, Brown saw some people such as the catechist and it was not clear whether they were part of the journey. It was also interesting to see the old man welcome Brown with a lot of happiness and determination as if he was expecting him in the first place. This shows that everything that took place in Brown's life was planned.

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