Free Paper Example of Short Story: The Defeat

Published: 2022-12-11
Free Paper Example of Short Story: The Defeat
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It was a sultry morning with a clear sky painting a light blue across the heavens. The wind was calm, doing nothing much but blowing a cool breeze through. People were walking around in sleeveless shirts, no pull-necks, sweaters, and jeans rolled up. It was June, the month that offers the warmest of weather.

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As I enjoyed the calm breeze hitting my hair with a light movement, I noticed Brad, sitting on the terraces across the field where no one could expect him to be. Brad was the youngest in class, a skinny, shy, and polite boy who to me still had a lot of his childish side in him. He had just joined my class a couple of weeks back and like me, did not have any friends yet. Despite sharing the social space with others during lunch hours and games, Brad never talked to anyone until spoken to.

I decided to go over and speak to Brad, and on approaching him, I could hear sobs escaping through his breath. "What's the matter Brad?" I asked, "what's wrong, why are you crying?" I did not get an answer from Brad but snuffles. He then raised his head, and I immediately noticed the scratch marks on his neck. My instinct immediately told me it must be the Draco's.

I have been a prey of the Draco's as well, chased down by this pack of wolves severally even to my doorstep. There is no moment I could catch a breath, be it in school, on my way to and from school, in class or even during games time. There is no protection to help me at all and being on my own, I was spit on, kicked around, beaten, insulted and what is worse is that all this could happen publicly. The feeling of bullying was devastating and for obvious reasons made me think of myself as a lesser person. The public humiliations made everyone look down upon me and has since not acquired a single friend.

"It is Ramsey," Brad managed to utter, "I don't know what I ever did to him." Ramsey was the most intimidating of the Draco's. He was pig fat which made him appear huge for his age, with kinky hair, and iconic ever dirty boots. While his friends were not that huge, he was the reason his team was dreary. At least I had a clue on how to work myself out through the pile of mud I was into. My idea was to confront Ramsey, and I believed if I would defeat him, then his friends would respect me. I was glad to share my opinion with brad, and we quickly hatched a plan.

On lunch hour in the auditorium, packed with hundreds of students, one of the predators noticed me together with Brad. As he pointed to Ramsey our direction, I quickly murmured to Brad to stick to the plan as Ramsey walked towards our table. "I see you got a new friend," Ramsey said, "is he supposed to protect you," he added while pouring yogurt on my hair. I was immediately enraged and fuming with anger stood up with my fists ready to fight for freedom. I somehow planted my first blow on Ramsey's nose, he ducked the second one and caught my hand while throwing the third. "I that all you got mate?" Ramsey asked as I was catching a big blow on my chin. All I can remember is waking a few minutes later to a crowd of laughing students. Perhaps I was never going to win this fight and be free ever.

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