Free Essay Example: My Desire to Become a Doctor

Published: 2023-01-22
Free Essay Example: My Desire to Become a Doctor
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The roots of my desire to become a doctor have been cultivated through the struggles of my past. From a young age, I bared witness to the constant conflict between my parents. The source of their disagreements was my father's substance abuse, stemming from chronic depression. After years of conflict, my parents divorced, and my sister and I were left to choose with whom we wanted to live. We could have chosen the "easier" option and stay with our Mom, but we chose our father. Out of love and duty, I was determined to stay with my father and support him through this vulnerable time. Over the years, I detected a sense of helplessness, gradually accumulating in my father that seemed invisible to everyone, except his children. My sister and I opted to stay with our father, with a strong belief of alleviating this helplessness with our presence and aiding his every step. With my Dad's new roles as mother and father, he sought assistance from rehab and Alcoholics Anonymous. Now for a young child, this may have been a very idealistic way of thinking, however, this was a crucial point in my life, which drove my desire to support others who could not help themselves.

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In this case, for me to help others, I joined the doctoral profession. It is because of my father's mental and physical state sparked my interest in Neurobiology and Physiology at Purdue University. It is a course which could then help me to well understand the functioning of the human brain and could help me engage the psychologically challenged to make the right decisions: through advice and proper mental treatments. As I became older, I gained proficiencies that shaped this earlier-age valuation of the job of a doctor into a more practical perspective. My time as an undergraduate at Purdue University, I worked with INscribe as a medical scribe at the local hospital in the ER. I was constantly engaged with the thrilling Emergency Department shifts that revealed the harsh reality of drug overdoses and heart attacks, and where primary care providers dealt with a flooded waiting room and never-ending charts. Working at INscribe, I learned esteemed professional skills for outpatient care as well as pre and post-op care. Moreover, my multilingualism, consisting of Spanish, Gujarati, and Hindi work to my advantage as I lead a conversation between patients and doctor, especially students, new to the United States who have little knowledge about our country's healthcare plans and reformations. Witnessing the countless characters and their socioeconomic barriers, of those walking into the ER, I was faced with the irrefutable truth of modern medical practice where there are some aspects of inefficiency, and with this in mind, I strived to do more into the medical research and help the mentally sick.

Therefore, I joined various organizations with the view to gain in-depth medical knowledge. First, with the help of Purdue American Medical Student Association, I began volunteering at local health fairs, where disadvantaged children and adults came to receive free healthcare, as pre-med and medical students provided free screenings, blood pressure measurements and more. In addition, I began organizing fundraisers to increase health awareness for the Children's Miracle Network Hospital and Doctors Without Borders at the Miss America local pageants, I participate in. Modern-day pageantry looks beyond appearances and delves into how the candidate impacts their community through their platforms. As a title-holder and with ample fundraising, I am able to share my message and provide awareness for CMNH and Doctors Without Borders, who provide healthcare where it is needed most. Many individuals, especially the audience members are unaware of these organizations' mission, however, with my ability to communicate these platforms to the public, I have created a more conscious and alert can, therefore, be seen that the above experiences, including the measurement of blood pressure and full screening which could help me become a professional doctor.

As I balance work, volunteering, and school at Purdue University, I simultaneously tutor elementary students and mentor first-year college students. Soon enough, I began to develop vital relationships with children and adults of all ages. Many of those who I tutor originate from underprivileged backgrounds and although my abilities did not provide an immediate relief to their problems, I felt ecstatic to be able to see them smile when they received an "A" on their math test, attested from my meager presence and knowledge. These small, blissful, yet intangible victories, hold great personal meaning. From the students and the patients, I help, to my own father, I see similar looks of helplessness in their eyes and nature, who want and need help, whether it be for themselves or their loved ones. In this sense, tutoring the students helps in the situation where I will also be able to retain and well understand the contents related to good doctoring, that could then stick to my mind till the time I put them into practice during the treatment procedures.

As a physician, I will go far beyond my skill to diagnose people and rather extend the boundaries into incorporating humanitarianism into treatment. Medicine is science; however, we neglect the principle that medicine is also about people - their feelings, problems, and fears. My efficiency and success as a doctor are predicated by my humbling experiences and my ability to harmonize determination and purpose. People deserve a sympathetic and understanding physician, as well as one, who won't turn down a challenge and will always articulate a novel tailored solution, best for the patient. I intend to be that physician, and also, I will be able to well understand the characters like my father in the run to help the vulnerable in society.

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