Importance of Pop Culture Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-11
Importance of Pop Culture Essay Samples
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Why is pop culture important

Yes, The culture of a Pop is regarded as a very critical image that is indubitably characterized by how the globalized civil phenomenon is. To put this in plain English, the Pop culture is a global agenda. It is further demonstrated from what the internet and the media speak about the qualifications of the Pop. This essay elaborates the rationale of the Pop engaging in serious study because the burden of duties to enumerate to the multitudes. The Pop culture is well established in the western culture in reference to the 20th century. Due to the global parameters of the media and how the mass developed the need to develop this, it facilitated the need to develop the culture. This initiated the need of the multitudes to focus of the western culture which made it necessary for the culture to spread across the globe. So, it is correct to comment that this culture has been subject to globalization which is evident in the trend rate from country to country. In the case when the multitudes think about the Pop culture, people draw their attention to fashion, cinematography and music. For further demonstration of the peoples’ thinking, an idea of consumerism comes to their minds since it is clear that the modern age purchase things they are able to see. For instance, it is clear that these categories (movies, music, fashion and other categories of lifestyles) are a great concern to the globe. A competent rock-band is able to find lovers everywhere. A high-quality and relevant film is well-known both in the USA and Iran. A yellow T-shirt of an artist is used both in London and South America. Consequently, well-known lifestyle is carefully connected with globalization, because its standards and standard can be found everywhere. “High culture” did not have such strong impact and opportunity. Modern philosophers wonder if it is possible to research well-known lifestyle seriously. In my opinion, the answer is very simple. Yes, well-known lifestyle should get serious research, because it is a portion of our lifestyle. Every contemporary film, music, novel, the picture is a participation into a contemporary lifestyle. There are many skilled performers, stars, performers, and authors who will definitely remain in history. Furthermore, well-known lifestyle is the very first trend and there are many techniques and efforts that are entitled to research. We can discuss pop music, comics, movies, TV shows that make our lifestyle lighter. Finally, it is possible to claim that well-known lifestyle is a comparative concept. We can say that “pop culture” persisted hundreds of years ago, but it had different titles, for example, Rebirth, Enlightenment, Romanticism, Authenticity, etc. Every kind of great lifestyle was well-known at it is time. In addition, philosophers and perceptive top level of the Nineteenth millennium did not regard and appreciate Vincent van Gogh who is called a professional now. No one took notice of Edgar Allan Poe who passed away in complete hardship. But these days this writer is believed to be one the greatest authors of the Nineteenth millennium. Every advancement and a new pattern is seriously belittled by the perceptive top level and conservatives. However, this pattern becomes a fundamental element of great lifestyle with the run of your time. It is not a secret that David Lennon, Jimmi Hendrix, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Coco Chanel will win their places among the popular associates of great lifestyle in upcoming. Our children and grandchildren will appreciate the skills of a well-known violinist Bob Garret, though he is a common pop star today. Consequently, we should treat well-known lifestyle based, because very soon it will take aspect in a great lifestyle. We should research the works and impact of recent performers, photography lovers, designers, stars, administrators, authors, and artists if we want to improve human knowledge and develop our society. Pop lifestyle is a portion of our lifestyle. Very soon we will remember contemporary superstars as founders and great members into the development of our society. Therefore, well-known lifestyle should get serious research and proper mindset towards its elements.

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Essay on pop culture

Pop culture entails the ideas, the beliefs, the images, the values and observations held by someone, group, community or society. It is the basic foundation to understanding one and appreciating individuals who do not hold same view as we do. It is therefore important to recognize and pay more attention to pop culture and consequently, create special emphasis to studying it. In the contemporary world, the world more that ever before, is becoming one small village, thanks to advancement in technology. People from all walks of life continue to integrate despite the fact that they do not share same culture. From this observation, it is therefore important to recognize the inevitable role of studying and understanding the individual culture. This is important in promoting cohesiveness among the people of different cultural origins. Attitude to a person's behavior by another, is determine by the understating of his or her cultural practice. There is a strong belief that folks from different culture perceive some phenomenon differently. For example, While others maintain that Hinduism is the true religion, others subscribe to Christianity and Islamic among others. One can imagine a scenario where persons from these different religions, work and stay together. One could gauze of the dramatic society that will be if they could understand and appreciate one another. From this sense therefore, the studying of pop cultures helps of different diversity live together harmoniously. Further, the studying of pop culture, enables individuals to learn positive values from one another and use them to make a better society. We live in a society where learning is a continuous process. A better person must always learn to better what is already available or known. Given that human beings are social beings, studying pop culture helps the door for enhanced and positive interactions among people. Truly speaking, studying pop culture therefore, triggers respectable communication and sharing of ideas for one great society. In addition to this, the studying of pop culture, creates the basis for interrogating and questioning the morals of a smaller society that make up a bigger society. This is because it helps reveal the underlying assumptions about a given institution, behavior or moral standing of a person, community or society. Finally, people always draw meanings from what they say, hear and encounter with. With deeper insight about the pop culture, the individuals of different races, colors, education and beliefs, stand a good chance to interpret and comprehend one's behavior when he/she exhibits a certain behavior. Studying pop culture should therefore be special attention in today's society to make it better and livable for all people no matter the origin. To work on this, the concept must be embraced in schools, institutions of higher learning and all social contexts. This is to ensure to ensure that all people understand the concept and are able to apply in their day to day life. In general, the concept helps facilitate communication, interaction, sharing, respect and appreciation among people. As the world continue to get more globalized the more the need to be effective in any society by a way of adapting and mingling. Instilling the knowledge therefore, creates room for different people to be reasonable and tolerant to one another.

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