Paper Example. Women and Their Performance in Relation to Society.

Published: 2023-07-11
Paper Example. Women and Their Performance in Relation to Society.
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Justice means the quality of being just, moral rightness. It is the maintenance of what is only by law as by judicial in the court of law. It can be described as the use of power as appointed by the law.

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The men and women in the play have different ideologies about justice. The men want Mrs. Wright to be convicted of murder while the women hide evidence that would have been used to convict Minnie because Minnie had suffered abuse from her husband for years. The entire justice in the play is flawed, and the women decide to hide the dead bird as an act to conceal the evidence symbolizes unjustness is evidenced when Mrs. Hale snatches the box that had the evidence. It contained the dead bird and hid it inside the pocket of her Jacket when she heard the sound of someone trying to enter the room and was moving the doorknob as the County Attorney and the Sherrif enter the room (Glaspell 5). The idea of justice is unattainable in the play since all the male characters are imperceptive to what is going on in front of them when the women try to hide the evidence and are even more superior to the other gender. The Sherrif and Mr. Hale cannot take into consideration that the women they live together with are keeping information or they are hiding very many hidden ideologies from them, and this suggests that the entire justice system is faulty, either they take it in a way that there are different justices to be served different genders or groups. It is justified by the County Attorney, who is so confident in that he will not let the other characters in the play to finish speaking or bringing out their ideas. Also, Mr. the Sherrif and Mr. Hale are blinded, and they cannot see what is right in front of them and that the women they stay with are keeping something from them.

The male characters follow the law by trying to search for the evidence. The County Attorney in the play says that the women are protecting their kind, as evidenced, `Ah, loyal to your sex, I see.' In contrast, the women understand their own, thus realizing that stress and pain, later on, led to Mrs. Wright killing her husband, who had always discriminated against her. Mrs. Wright Husband, due to his abusive and controlling nature, Mrs. Hale referred to him as a hard man, ` But he was a hard man.' Mr. Wright isolated her from her friends and family this evidenced when Mrs. Hale stated that `She did not even belong to the ladies Act.'. It caused psychological effects on Mrs. Wright. Women saw that it was in their best interest to protect Mrs. Wright from the law, thus hiding the evidence and therefore to protect their friends who are ladies and each takes care of the other in times of need, Mrs. Hale wished that Mrs. Wright had earlier on asked for help from them and that she knew that women went through a lot of difficulties and discriminations from their husbands (Glaspell 8). The women in the play symbolize all women, and they later on transformed decades later and came to be known as Feminist Activist Grouping (Glaspell 5). The women also take matters into their own hands, as evidenced by the hiding of the evidence which is unlawful, but they are taking the risk to save Mrs. Wright. The two women recognize her own life in Mrs. Wright suffering and would have murdered the man who damaged her wellbeing. They also attempt to help another woman by gathering her items to take them to jail to give her purpose or solace, and It is evidenced when Mrs. Peters states that `She said she wanted an apron, funny thing to want, for there is not much to get you dirty in jail, goodness knows.'

Their suffering unites the two Loureen and Florence; it unites them through the play. They both suffer in silence and try to be together to give each other hope because of what they are going through. Loureen can overcome Samuel's Death, Florence feels guilt for how she may have failed Loureen and Loureen her (Glaspell 6). Though Loureen will be able to look back, later on, she will not be able to prevail over her abuse on her level, but both of the women try to strengthen each other.

The characters in the play have different conceptions of justice based on their ideologies. It is also noted that the play is based on Gender-based violence, thus making the women protect their own instead of providing evidence to the Law Enforcement Officers. Emotional pain and stress are seen to bring out the worst characters in a person in the case of Mrs. Wright, who killed her husband.

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