Essay Example on Women and Sports in the US

Published: 2019-06-25
Essay Example on Women and Sports in the US
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A brilliant revolution in women's sports has arisen over the past century in institutions and frivolous leagues across the country. Continuing changes through the late 1950s and 1960s in the fields of women's bodily education and part-time sport provided the primary energy for this revolution. However, it took the revival of a grassroots feminist faction in the late 1960s and 1970s to catalyze the drastic changes in women's physical opportunities and attitudes to female athletes. According to the UN, when girls take part in sports they are more prone to attend school and play a part in society. When women and girls know how to walk on the live field, they are more liable to step into the classes, the boardrooms, and walk out as principals in society.

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The question as to who deserves the title of an athlete arises when women with disabilities engage in fitness training. Such insistence by women groups that they are talented in sports suggest that the normal beliefs about what constitutes an athletic body need further consideration. Since early times, athletic bodies have been conducting chromosomal screens on athletes to establish equality among competitors. There existed one scenario in the late 50s when a man masqueraded as a woman and went on to take part in the Olympics in the year 1957.

In the mid-sixties, there also emerged reports of field athletes who were undergoing a sex change to dominate womens competitions. Some even went on to an extent of binding their genitals and taking estrogen pills to develop breasts and feminist behavior, hence pass as females for the competitions. Due to the desire to perfect the act of being feminine, even biological females started experiencing their unique problems. They started depicting symptoms associated with eating disorders, depression, and weight problems. Apart from the normal health issues, the groups of women athletes also became victims to what was then known as ACL injuries. These injuries came in diverse forms depending on the type of sport an athlete was engaged in.

Much can be said about the terrible truths that surround women sport. The desire to dominate in this sector inappropriately has only been brought about the ignorance of trainers and physicians in coaching legitimate athletes. Due to the belief that women are incapable of handling strenuous exercises, their trainers demand that they stick to certain diets hence they become incapable of performing due to lack of enough energy. The body has a tendency to maintain its weight and no matter what, trying to change its routine can only end up harming its main organs. Active people should take what their body is used to and couple that with enough exercises each day if possible. This is where trainers fail. They instruct amateurs to take small foods and exhaust them with unnecessary exercises. Due to the inability to outshine the best, such athletes end up doping to enhance their on-track performances. This impacts negatively on their bodies since they become reliant on substances. Once they are netted and forced to abstain, their bodies start exhibiting withdrawal symptoms and some even end up dying in hospitals.

Girls frequently struggle to locate a spot on a squad, particularly in underserved communities where edifying and economic blockades make female involvement in sports even more demanding. Lack of admittance to spectator sport is a dropout driver because, regardless of Title 9, which forbids gender discrimination in academics and sports, there are still one point three million fewer opportunities for girls to partake in high school sports and sixty thousand fewer in college.

For women, it concerns this and more. A means for women to build up their strength and their muscle, both literally and metaphorically. In these 40th centenary years of Title 9, let us bear in mind those leaders who struggled to pass that legislation, let establishments take the letter of the law sincerely, and let us decode its values into women's games as a paradigm to the world.

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