Paper Example: Ways of Developing Confidence in the Teaching Profession

Published: 2023-03-27
Paper Example: Ways of Developing Confidence in the Teaching Profession
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The learning outcomes of this proposal are ways of developing confidence in the teaching profession through proper planning, organization, and time management. Learning outcomes include learning how to transform a lack of confidence, self-esteem, and attitude, and develop a successful mindset. Furthermore, learn about comprehending social and perceived trust, enhancing self-image, achieving set goals, and enhancing the relationship. Besides, learn about embracing personal progress, taking action, and obtaining results. Teaching is a career profession that is sensitive, exciting, and challenging.
A teacher has to have command of the classroom to impart knowledge or give instructions to learners. The teacher has to be in charge, make decisions, and inspire the learners (Kim & Seo, 2018). To excel in the responsibilities mentioned above, the teacher requires confidence. Developing confidence is a process and requires skill. The teaching profession offers different challenging situations daily, and a lack of confidence when teaching poses a hardship to the teacher. The teacher must be creative in the classroom, experiment, and solve several issues.

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The learning outcome of this paper is to look at the best methods to gain these techniques to be confident when handling learners in a classroom. Teachers must also have no limits concerning their workload and balance their leisure time (Reeves, Pun & Chung, 2017). How to manage career development and promotions also require a confident teacher. It is thus essential that teachers get to know where to seek assistance when faced with the desire to improve on their attributes, such as lack of confidence.

What do you intend to do to address the issue you have identified?

Relevant academic or professional literature you might draw upon

Training or professional; development you might attend

Observations and/or professional discussions with experienced colleagues

How to Manage Lack of Confidence

Scholars have suggested various methods of improving teacher efficacy. One of the ways of improving teacher efficacy is through appreciation. The evolving education sector and media inquisitiveness may have an impact on teachers' confidence. Working in a reassuring, positive environment that appreciates the efforts made by teachers encourages a confidence culture within the workplace, which in turn boosts the morale of teachers to overcome their weaknesses (Reeves, Pun & Chung, 2017).

Taking leadership responsibilities reduces a lack of confidence. The leadership responsibilities encourage teachers who lack the courage to step outside their comfort zone and be successful in the docket assumed, resulting in confidence-building (Nolan & Molla, 2017). Besides, focusing on one's strengths and mentoring others in areas they are weak in enhances confidence building. Participating and attending programs that teachers on how to manage personal weaknesses is essential since most people are aware of their shortcomings but lack the knowledge on how to overcome them. Attempting different approaches to win students' trust and being prepared for the class enables the teacher to build confidence.


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