Free Essay Answering Why You Shouldn't Steal Motor Vehicles

Published: 2018-01-19
Free Essay Answering Why You Shouldn't Steal Motor Vehicles
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Since time in history, people have been stealing motor vehicles. However, stealing motor vehicles has its repercussions. The purpose of this essay is to explain why people should not steal motor vehicles.

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Just as everything has its advantages and disadvantages, stealing has its limitations too. Individuals who steal these motor vehicles think that they benefit a lot of the act. What they fail to understand is that stealing has its effects. When it comes to ethics, there some arguments such as whether stealing is right or wrong. However, a majority of people argue that stealing is not ethical and due to that, people should not steal from others. Stealing also leaves the owner of the motor vehicle disturbed, and this is not morally right.

Another reason why individuals should not steal motor vehicles is that theft comes with its penalties. In the United States, stealing motor vehicles is taken as a severe crime or offense of taking a conveyance without the permission of the owner. Motor vehicle theft attracts a penalty of ten years imprisonment. Thus, when one is taken to court and found guilty, the court can decide to give a prison sentence, home detention, suspension sentence, good behavior bond or intensive correction order.

Lastly, not all people who steal vehicles are competent drivers. Therefore, after one steals the motor vehicle and is not a good driver, he or she may cause an accident. For that reason, people are not justified to steal motor vehicles.

In conclusion, there are three valid reasons why individuals should not steal motor vehicles. For one, it is not ethical to steal from others. Secondly, stealing attracts penalties, and one can end up being imprisoned. Lastly, stealing vehicles may cause unnecessary accidents.

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