Healthcare Essay Sample: Interdisciplinary Teams Approach

Published: 2018-07-20
Healthcare Essay Sample: Interdisciplinary Teams Approach
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Quality health care

It was a difficult and comprehensive case with one my patient by the name of Erick Johnson who has been confined to a wheelchair for 8 years and spent the period in a nursing home. According to him, the entire setting of the place was sterile, unfriendly, with bland food and above all, surrounded by people who were entire strangers. With such a story from him, I had to make sure that I change the life of Johnson completely by using the interdisciplinary team approach in order to provide him with safe, effective, and quality care.

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The place where I work, made a difference for Johnson. This is because, through the interdisciplinary team approach, the entire team of the occupational and physical therapist gave Johnson a holistic support. This was in terms of teaching him how to get into bed, how to use the toilet, how to take a bath and even clean up, and above all, carried out a critical assessment of his apartment in order to make sure it was fit and wheelchair ready.

I used the entire team of physicians to ensure a lot of change concerning his health changed. The dieticians were always there to ensure that Johnson got quality meals. The occupational, speech and physical therapists were always there to ensure that they gave Johnson the best. The assigned nurses were always there to ensure that Johnson took his medicines at the right time and even accompanied him to his doctor for regular checkups. The aid groups made sure that Johnson bills as an elderly person were taken care of early enough. The social workers always remained friendly to him and even organized for his family and friends visits. This provided both emotional and physical support. The doctor in charge of him was always there to ensure quality checkup and a medical prescription for Johnson. All these groups played their part solely and the quality healthcare for Johnson was achieved. I cannot forget his final words during his thanksgiving ceremony. “The kind of teamwork in the hospital is incalculable. I can now do whatever I wish because I am an independent person”.


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