Why I Choose to Major in Accounting - Application Essay Example

Published: 2022-05-09
Why I Choose to Major in Accounting - Application Essay Example
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Most of my family members wondered why I decided to major in a tough course like accounting and yet there was a wide range of simpler courses to undertake. However, the causes and effects of my decision to become an accountant produced a happy and most famous employee. In this context, I will focus on the core causes of my decision to choose my career as an accountant in spite of the existence of a variety of causes that other found simply and appropriate for me. Since when I was a young primary minor and as I grew up several factors, elements and events contributed greatly to my stand and decision to study accounts. Some of the causes for my decision include the fact that I was good in numbers and calculation; I liked business in my high school, the notion that accountants are rewarded highly, family and friends influences and pride among many other causes as discussed below.

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To start with, while in my upper primary I realize that I was performing well in mathematics and I could score high points than any other subject. In mathematics, I always managed top positions and often took position one or two in a class of over seventy students. After clearing my primary studies, I was awarded the top scoring student in mathematics subject. Therefore I proceeded for my secondary studies where I met performing students from different regions of our country who could score excellent points and occupy top positions. Despite the fact that the general grades were superior as compared to what could score, none of them could surpass my score in a calculation. As a result, I had to make an earlier decision on what I could do in my entire life more comfortably with less effort. Finally, I started to think of a career which involves calculations and numbers where I landed in accounting.

The second cause of my decision the fact that I liked business studies in my high school because this subject went hand in hand with mathematics. As business students, we gathered the knowledge and skills of balance sheets, accounting basics where we were introduced to the functions accounting, business recording systems and their application including the ledger accounts and the balance sheets. Realizing my potential in that area, I shifted my mind towards the career of accounting giving the account the first priority as my course of study in colleges. As a result of my passion for business studies in high school, it resulted in my career today as an accountant after perusing a course in accounting.

The living conditions back at home could improve only if a substantial amount of money was generated. The fact that we came from a humble peasant family, life was not very friendly. Therefore the only way forward was to choose a career that really pays in addition to my ability as well as the understanding of the accounting course. This resulted in my choice to pursue accounting and securing a chance in the labor market as an accountant.

In addition to my passion for this career, the environment around me was a motivating factor that nurtured my dreams. I had my relative/ aunt had joined the accounting career successfully in one of the most famous firms in the country who play the role of a motivator as well as my source of information. After going through my academic records right from the primary level to high school she could always remind me to give accounting the first priority in my college studies promising to help me secure employment after winding up schooling. Just like any other human being, I enjoyed my studies in college because of her promises. As a motivation, my studies were fueled and facilitated with the guaranteed promise to enter into a career immediately after college hence my dream of becoming an accountant came to pass.

Additionally, there was a notion I had that accountants are among the top paid employees I term of wages and salaries as well as allowances. Moreover, the lifestyle that my accountant relative was leading could reflect that indeed accountants are well appreciated. It was not easy for her to openly disclose her income but she always shares information related to the allowances she could that they were offered by the employer. This information gave me a clue of her total income a factor that fueled my efforts towards the career hence building my strong profile that yields fruits at the end.

Pride and hard work as well as self-determination used to be part of my life in relation to what I was aiming to attain at the end of my school life. While schooling we could openly share our ambitions with one another and promise to work hard in our academic works particularly majoring on areas that had the close relationship with our future careers. Personally, when making my routine timetables, mathematics and business studies had to appear all days a close all days of the week even if it could take me 20 minutes of revising either of these units as a motivation towards my future accounting career. Little did I know that this was a calling to become the accountant I am today.

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