Why Can't Everyone Have a Home? Article Review Essay Sample

Published: 2022-06-10
Why Can't Everyone Have a Home? Article Review Essay Sample
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Winters' article on Why Can't, Everyone, have a Home is a masterpiece that focuses on the study of the original construction of housing to the current housing is aimed at solving housing problems. Winters was motivated to write the masterpiece after realizing that many people were struggling to find a home due to housing racism as portrayed in Southern cities. This essay seeks to point out rhetoric analysis of Winters' article to outline the motivational factor, social, political, economic and legal connection, the purpose of the report, the intended audience and the recommendations for future change.

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According to the rhetoric analysis structure by Ramage, Bean, and Johnson (2007), Winters discovered that humans are now practicing alternative housing that aims at solving housing problems as defined by the New American Dream. Housing is now moving from the traditional forms of accommodation to the current strategic housing models that are affordable and mobile (Winters, 2018). Winters discovered that most people avoid living in communities due to lack of housing that preempts their efforts to lay down traditional housing but end up living in temporary houses in the urban areas.

The economic and social underpinnings of housing in urban areas is connected to the aspects that housing is a wealthy kind of life. The society considers the construction of houses using the traditional forms to be compared to the wealthy type of experience. For that matter, most individuals who consider their class to be lower than that of the wealthy class end up in urban areas where they live in alternative houses. Urban housing does not guarantee individuals that they have a home (Winters, 2018). There, the economic conversation that was having a home requires the massive amount of funds made Winters to come with the argumentative masterpiece, Why Can't Everyone have a Home.

The writer intends to portray the challenges that people face in urban areas concerning affordable housing. Winters outlined that in Seattle, it is hard to find affordable housing thus people are stuck in rentals as the alternative form of shelter (Winters, 2018). Also, the writer intends to outline that urbanization increases the cost of housing as people end up building rental houses rather than building homes. Urbanization has raised the price of land thus affordable housing keeps on diminishing thus compromising the need to have a home.

It is therefore outlined that people cannot afford to own houses due to the extreme rising value of property in urban centers (Winters, 2018). Gentrification, rising housing cost, lack of federal help, massive innovation of communities towards making affordable and alternative housing in conjunction with massive displacement of people in areas where urban centers are started. Comfortability in urban centers makes people keep spending the rest of their lives in urban centers thus contributing to the impulsiveness of the government on the issue of housing.


Since the cost of housing and rentals is rising day-by-day, it is a high time for the government to check in and structure out the worth of locations in urban areas. Additionally, the government should balance economic growth to avoid urbanization thus makes the traditional housing to seize existing. However, the writer does not view the relevance of rental housing in urban centers. Since rentals reduce the problem of high cost of the construction of personal homes, the social, economic and political system should coordinate to provide affordable housing in the form of rentals through government's policies.


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Winters, C. (2018). Why can't everyone have a home? Journal for People, Yes Magazine.

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