Essay Example: Analysis of The Star Agency PR Company

Published: 2019-11-04
Essay Example: Analysis of The Star Agency PR Company
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Who Are We?

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The Star Agency is a public relations company based in Abu Dhabi. The company operates as a global multi-disciplinary leader in more than 80 offices. The Star Agency PR blends PR techniques with cutting edge digital inventions for crafting strategic programs, which give clients measurable and winning results. Our companys services are driven by young and creative integrated strategic communicators. We personalize and customize the approaches to best fit our clients. The agency provides strategic PR relations counsel to some customers across consumer marketing, social marketing, healthcare, technology and corporate practices. The Star Agency do this through understanding the manner in which clients form opinions. Through our services, we focus on digital channels, which effectively reach our customers by providing roadmaps to influence and engage them. We believe that the PR is most effective crafted stories are based in social sciences.

Professional Team Skills


Our PR team and professional has a sensitive in language, both Arabic, and English, both written and spoken. The team is confident and an excellent listener while at the same time appreciate clients priorities and pressures.

Computer Skills:

The PR agency professionals understand and know how to navigate with Microsoft word, PowerPoint, and excel. They are also able to brush on Adobe, Acrobat Photoshop, InCopy, Indesign and web page creating programs. Therefore, technophobia is not an option for our professional.

Technical Skills:

Our team has a list of attributes connected to the online work. For example, Blogging, Microblogging, Social Networking tools (Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, MySpace, Plaxo and LinkedIn), SEO, Coding, Blogger relations, RSS Readers and Social Media Ethics. These attributes are essential to the Agency.

Research Skills:

Our PR team understands good research techniques (Internet, Library book, Research survey, Electronic databases and Print material) to communicate authoritatively and accurately on a given subject. The agency, therefore, is naturally inquisitive and enjoy learning, connects the dots and keeps up the speed on new markets.

Time Management:

Our team can recognize deadlines and low versus high priority tasks in order not to find themselves in situations where some projects and clients are attended to. Accomplishing work on time is an excellent management skill that is valuable to the company.

Interpersonal Skills:

Since the agency core function is talking to clients, our team has built a rapport and effectively relate with marketing staff, Salespeople, technical experts, and customers. This has open some doors making the agency work much easier.

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to provide new and efficient integrated brand marketing and public relation solutions, and also provide strategic communication and public relation services that allow customers to build strong relationships and influence behaviors and attitudes in a complex world. We also help our clients to develop and grow their business and to realize their marketing objectives. The agency also undertakes its mission through conjunction by incorporating specialist knowledge of industries and practices, proprietary methodology, local market understanding and breakthrough creativity. We are dedicated to building a long-term rewarding partnership, which adds value to our customers. The company clients are leaders in their field who seek new solutions and initiate change.


Our vision is to provide best in class marketing services and deliver result oriented brand marketing program, and public relations campaigns that improve our clients knowledge, sales and growth. Besides, we seek to create a company, which will be able to retain and attract talented individuals. Courage, curiosity and excellent are at the heart of whom we want to be. Therefore, the agency will be globally recognized as the most productive, dedicated and innovative communication and marketing firm.

Our Agency Process

The agency set and articulate strategy. We work close and together with the customers, define objectives, set strategy and outline particular specific tactics, timeline, and budget. We then proceed to produce a written marketing communication strategy, implement the strategy and give a well-written report to the customers after a month. Our public relation professionals execute our PR plan whose collective experiences support the customers PR goals.

Why Choose Us?

We provide an environment that is engaging for customers to maximize business opportunity by applying best practices and PR techniques. These are the main reasons one need to choose us as their PR agency:

As we work on customers public relation campaign, we continuously measure the client buying habits, sales side dynamics, competitive play, business domain, media interest and perception among facets that are critical to PR program objectives achievement.

Instead of applying one solution for all, the company prefers choosing and picking from a wide bouquet of public relations tools at our disposal. Most importantly, we can combine Content Marketing techniques, Social Media, Search Optimization and public relations in a way that assist customers in engaging clients in a structured and unified manner.

We help clients to strategize, customize and deliver their communication message around the globe and have a strong network to reach out to many parts of the world through international affiliates.

We offer comprehensive communication strategies and develop strategies that can accommodate a campaign by understanding what your business acquires.

We also provide the highest quality PR service for our clients through personalized attention, excellent customer service, eye for detail, and sufficient return on clients PR investment.

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