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According to the case of Lisa, some of the legal agreement to be discussed is about her employment opportunity offer with Multi-Scalar. Lisa has been employed even though she has not met all the terms to be assigned a position by Multi-Scalar employer. The primary legal argument is the decision to allow Lisa to work for the employer despite not meeting the standards. Concerning the regulations of the Labor Relations Board, Lisa's agreement with the employer is allowed.

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Even though Lisa is an employee of Multi-Scalar, some issues might arise within individual employees against her progress in the firm. If there an opportunity for Lisa to apply for another position in the firm, chances of her getting that position could be minimal (Kitching et al 2015). Some of the reasons are such as not qualified for the position by certification. Also, if there was an agreement for Lisa to hold that position only in the firm as a favor to improve on her life, and lastly if the firm allows employees who only have certification for the positions being allowed for job promotions. Either of the above scenarios can affect employees working in the firm with no certification.

Due to this, Lisa is limited to explore more job positions in the firm, even if she is bored with the current position. Also, the employer may end up terminating Lisa for violating the agreements made by her employer. In case Lisa decides to file the firm, the firm is likely to win the argument even if she is being misused. This is by the fact that Lisa accepted all conditions made to her by the employer. Therefore, for the case of Lisa, she should be fully aware of what agreements her employer has affirmed on her employment terms to avoid her from losing brilliant opportunities and making decisions in the firm. Also, since the firm has decided to employ Lisa, there should be an exercise of equity to avoid some individuals ruling over the others in the name of certification. By doing so, it will enable to promote harmony in the firm.


In the case, another legal argument is about the terms of working time schedule with time offs. Lisa is an esteemed worker for Multi-Scalar firm, she accepted to work even before having full assurance of her working contract about time schedule and time offs. According to the contract laid by the employer, Lisa is supposed to work with no excuses for time offs nor being scheduled tin any given a chance. According to Lisa, this agreement is new to her by the fact that she pledges to go home early on Fridays to attend to her son's needs.

Her employee refuses to grant her permission to leave work early. If Lisa could decide to file the firm, the firm will definitely win the case according to the rules and regulations stated in the firm's contract. In relation to employee regulations, each employee is entitled to ask for time off in the case of sickness and family disputes. Therefore, the Multi-Scalar firm is supposed to adopt employee rights of granting them time offs and schedules in case of any. As a firm, each employee of the Multi-Scalar firm should be covered under the regulation of having time off or scheduling both certified and the uncertified (Kitching et al 2015). In doing so, employees will find a reason to work and be able to handle other issues that might affect their working conditions.


Another legal argument in the issue is about job termination terms of Multi-Scalar firm with Lisa. As stated in the case study, the agreement of Lisa with the firm is the firm should inform Lisa about the termination earlier before issuing her the full termination. Lisa had made an agreement on the terms of the termination by the firm (Fairhurst & Serfling 2015). In the case study, Lisa is terminated from her work immediately without any prior notice by the employer. Also, she is even paid less salary as compared to what was in agreement. In doing so, Lisa is left to wonder about what reasons could have led Multi-Scalar to terminate her services in the firm despite working as an uncertified employee.

In this case, a judge can file a Multi-Scalar firm for the decision made to resign Lisa from her position. Some of the reasons are, the company did not inform Lisa about the termination notice. Also, the company does not state reasons that led to Lisa being terminated from work. In doing so, the company is termed to be wrong about the act of terminating Lisa from her job position in the firm. For this matter, Lisa has full rights to file the firm for violating the terms of agreements made between her and the employer.

By this fact, the company should abide by all the rules, regulations, and agreements of each employee. Both certified and uncertified employees are liable to regulations rules in the firm. Therefore, each decision made to an employee should be in accordance with what was agreed by the management, employer, and regulatory rules before making a decision that can lead to the firm being subject to illegal actions.


Fairhurst, D. J., & Serfling, M. (2015). Employment protection, investment, and firm growth. SSRN ID, 2666619.Kitching, J., Hart, M., & Wilson, N. (2015). Burden or benefit? Regulation as a dynamic influence on small business performance. International Small Business Journal, 33(2), 130-147.

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