Free Essay on How Sales Specialist and Economics Tutor Jobs Are Related To the Business Field

Published: 2023-03-26
Free Essay on How Sales Specialist and Economics Tutor Jobs Are Related To the Business Field
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The business field is quite broad and it incorporates numerous job opportunities in both the corporate and non-profit organizations. Individuals who take up business majors earn valuable skills and areas of knowledge that equip them to contribute to the success of business-oriented institutions (Profita 2). These individuals acquire the skill of thinking in numbers, alongside the ability to quantify various sets of data, the evaluation of financial impacts accruing from business decisions. Moreover, business majors get to employ figures to support their proposals (Profita 2). The schools of business teach people the ability to write clearly and concisely while crafting case analyses plus other business papers. Here, learners are also mentored into sharpening their teamwork skills as well as refine their presentation and leadership skills. Therefore, it can be noted that the business field bears an extensive scope besides instilling technical abilities and knowledge. Lastly, individuals within the business field earn the skills to dissect business problems and provide recommended solutions. Through this, these individuals sharpen their critical thinking as well as analytical skills.

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Most importantly, they learn to collect, organize, analyze, interpret, and represent the data through presentations and reports (Profita 2). The business field also equips individuals with an understanding of business law and ethics, which are critical perspectives in any organization. Besides, business majors get to comprehend the global perspective of business, and they get to appreciate the value of diversity by studying business activities in other cultures. Some of the jobs related to the business field include accountant, management consultant, social media manager, financial analyst, actuary, college admissions representative, business teacher, business reporter, corporate attorney, and healthcare administrator, among others.

Sales Specialist

The responsibilities and duties of a Sales Specialist are entirely business-oriented, and they include the following:Creating and developing sales strategies to enhance business growth - in business, sales are part of the marketing process. Products/services need to sell in the market successfully; therefore, a sales specialist needs to invoke the strategies to conquer the market as well as overcome challenges faced along the way. Marketing strategies are found under a section of business components (Homburg et al. 45). Effective strategies are essential for the success of the company.

Analyzing, evaluating, and assessing sales territories for company products/services - as mentioned in the understanding of a business field, it is evident that the skills to critically analyze, evaluate, and assess a market situation are essential (Better Team 1). This is because most of the business decisions need to be made in a results-oriented manner. Failure to master these skills is detrimental to the success of the business. These skills have a strong connection to the business world, and they are applicable regularly within an organization.

Provide recommendations on improvements as well as changes as appropriate to company sales policies - in the world of business; people need to think smart. As such, sales specialists are designated to offer alterations or improvements in the company's sales policies if at all, they are wrongly done or are not yielding expected results. Indeed, the improvement in sales results in overall business growth. The world of business is ever restructuring, and it presents challenges that need new solutions. It is upon individuals in the business field to be creative and find solutions to sales issues within the company.

Determining and setting goals/objectives for the sales professionals - Planning is an essential aspect of the business field. A business becomes successful if it incorporates systematic planning. Therefore, these specialists need to outline the desired goals and objectives so that they can be achieved. This can be achieved based on the target of the company, and so analytical strategizing of goals is necessary. Setting measurable and achievable goals is one of the essential qualities of a person in the business field. As such, the sales specialist initiates a sense of direction to the team professionals towards attaining success in the company.

Supporting, leading, and mentoring sales personnel in achieving sales outcomes - any business needs to monitor the performance of its workers. For the sales department, it is upon the sales specialist to create key performance indicators among the workers in this department. This position is managerial because it involves rectifying mistakes, motivating workers, and counselling workers on the right approaches to implement in their sales. Management is the foundation of any given business.

Preparing sales and marketing budgets - as mentioned earlier, the business world involves playing with figures. The business needs to compute its sales to determine the profit or loss incurred. Calculations involved are vital indicators of the performance of the business. The budget-making process is crucial because it rightfully allocates resources to avoid wastage. The company needs to realize its financial position and how to maximize on the available resources. This is a fundamental aspect of the business; to minimize cost and maximize profits.

Analysis of market trends for company products/services - the business world entails making predictions of the market. It is what governs the decisions to be made by the company. It is upon the sales specialist to use previous/existing market trends based on the figures and patterns to forecast the future trends in the market. As such, the team involved needs to critically analyze the factors surrounding the behavior of the market at any given time and create a list of the key indicators of the market trend. This would help capitalize on the perfect market days and escape unnecessary losses. Business is all about precaution, and this can be achieved through strategic marketing.

Tutor in Economics

Economics is a broad field in the business field. It employs theories and quantitative methods to analyze business entities as well as the factors complementing the diversity of an organization. Economics focuses on structures as well as relationships of the company concerning labor, capital, and the market. As an economics tutor, my responsibilities and duties are wholly parallel with the business field. However, the sole and fundamental role is:

Teaching - involves helping students develop skills and mastery of the economics content. Besides teaching, the tutor mentors and coaches the students on the principles of economics, such as global macroeconomics and microeconomics alongside public policy. Being a tutor in economics proves how one is excellent in business majors. To be an effective tutor, it requires one to possess a broad-based knowledge in marketing, finance, management, and accounting (Profita 3). It is also essential for the tutor to possess excellent verbal communication as well as interpersonal skills, which have proved mandatory in the business world. These skills are necessary to engage with students while sharing knowledge with them. The success of an economics tutor is achieved through adequate planning and presenting great lessons to the students. As such, one needs to draw extensive approaches to issue instructions to students as mastered. Being an economics tutor significantly escalates the mastery of the business world. Through the teaching of financial analysis and report writing, the students are well-equipped to tackle economics issues within a business entity. Financial analysis involves playing with the figures, and this is one of the elements of the business field. Also, management theories are crucial for students to understand and relate to the outside business world. Management is critical for a given business entity, and the tutor is expected to have excellent mastery of the content to pass over to the upcoming business persons (Baye et al. 2). Accounting is also taught to assess the performance of the business with regard to the available resources. Accounting ensures accountability within a firm, and this is a crucial component to comprehend in the business field. It is evident that being an economics tutor is directly related to the business field because it majorly involves the teaching of the economics theories and principles, and how they can be applied in the real business world.

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