Free Essay Sample: Julius Caesar Leadership

Published: 2022-10-31
Free Essay Sample: Julius Caesar Leadership
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Historians, as well as learners, certainly spend considerable time discussing and having arguments on the real nature of and character of Caesar. This man was an exceptionally effective leader. Caesar was a politician, statesman, general and also an excellent writer. This man joined the political scene having a contentious transformation agenda. It was a period of violence that it will require a person with an extraordinary ability to have something visionary attained. He was able to succeed in the implementation of his agenda as well as merging the power in Rome altogether for himself depicts his leadership skills.

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Caesar led with power and not force. In leading an organization, you can apply two ways that are by use of force or through power. Force provides the shortest way between leaders as well as their goals, and it is usually a harder method. Power, on the other hand, is when one can encourage persons to act in a manner you need them to act. You enter in people's hearts as well as their minds they hence follow your directions since they want so. Possessing real power means that the team becomes an extension of the will of the leader. This is what every leader needs and Julius Caesar could achieve this. On the other hand, the use of force in leadership roles is not effective, and in most cases, it can't last for a long time. In this case, the subjects are not led, but they are being pushed. This is despotism, and it is evident in this modern society the way it was applied during the past world. Caesar could understand the crucial distinction amid power as well as force. He was able to connect with the subjects genuinely as he was able to demonstrate the conquest of power above force through motivating his people. Caesar had gathered the strongest army in Rome in the 47 BC. In 15 years, they had conquered the whole of Europe. It is during Caesar's time that Rome had encountered the English Channel thereby becoming the first Romans to conquer the transcendent as well as terrifying island towards the north. (Barlag & Phillip,p, 42)

Julius Caesar's ability to connect with his people made him successful. Its reported that Caesar knew his men by name. This man had efforts in developing personal relations with his men. He usually trained with his men in this way Caesar made rapport with the soldiers. In most of the speeches that he delivered h used the term comrades to refer to the soldiers. This manner strengthened the bond between himself and his troops. He usually engaged his troop in that his achievements were his soldiers' success too. Caesar was able to develop a good relation of trust, pride, and unity that resulted in his victory for a long period. He was also rewarding his soldiers for the act of bravery and courageousness. Decorating of men this way made them feel outstanding. This further strengthened their loyalty towards him.

Caesar possessed good communication skills. He knew how to apply rhetoric effectively. He possessed a charismatic as well as social personality this easily brought his subjects to him. Caesar possessed a greater tolerance for threat and was courageous enough to take any risk to acquire power. He could have done anything or apply calculated moves to achieve his goals. This is depicted during the time the soldiers started turning against the subjects whom they swore to protect. This time Caesar was on vacation in Egypt charming with the queen known as Cleopatra. He had handed over his command to his lieutenant that time known as Marc Antony. Unfortunately for him, he didn't possess charismatic as well as leadership qualities like Caesar. He, therefore, lost control. Learning this, Caesar didn't waste time as he made his way back to Italy counter the situation? With his bravery, Caesar went directly up to the front of the troop with quietness and confidence he took the podium. He remained calm and also stone-silent. As the whole troop kept quiet to their commanding lead, he only spoke one simple word. Then he went silent - this created confusion amongst the soldiers. In this manner without using force, he had tapped into the collective psyche of the troop as well as found a way of reminding the soldiers that they needed to stay in his good graces. This tactic offered the soldiers with necessary information allowing them to decide on themselves a better decision. The uttering of that one word only terminated the revolt.(Strauss& Barry, p, 63)

Caesar usually celebrated his victory perhaps that is the reason as to why much is known about him. He did this by writing the victories down since he was also good in writing. He did writings on the Gallic as well as civil war. These commentaries cemented the reputation of Caesar as a powerful military leader. During his tenure he brought reforms in Rome that is for the Senate by making it bigger and having many representatives of Romans, he reorganized the local government as well as reformed the calendar used by Romans that time.

Julius Caesar may not be one of the best men. However, Caesar was Rome's greatest populist, who had put altogether a broad new coalition that rose into power on popular consent as well as his legionaries' swords. (Strauss& Barry, p, 15)

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