Essay Sample on How to Find Employment after College Graduation

Published: 2022-07-26
Essay Sample on How to Find Employment after College Graduation
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In the modern world, securing the first job may be a hard task. Each year, thousands of graduates leave their colleges after successfully acquiring crucial information that would help them in landing in formal or informal jobs. In addition, there is a rate at which jobs and employment situations increase and decrease with time. Consequently, every year there are thousands of graduates flooding at the job market in search of jobs. Therefore, with this trend, many graduates have found it hard to secure employment in their preference places. However, there are a few tips on the best ways to find a job after a college education. Checking with career centers and finding positions in companies are some of the ways that are best suited to offer employment after getting a new job.

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One of the tips to secure a job is to seek help from career centers. Most of these centers have access to resources and connections that recent graduates can use to secure employment chances. In addition, most firms use career centers in advertising for jobs as well as training grounds for new job seekers. Moreover, they also offer essential services such as counseling and free advice on the best chances to land a job. Some of these critical services are the preparation of current resumes, making quality application papers, and preparing for interviews (Chiagouris, 2011). Therefore, visiting career centers may be an opportunity for job seekers to land new jobs after college education.

The other mechanism for individuals to secure new jobs after graduation is to initiate networks with those already in the working sectors. In the modern era, most individuals believe that networking is one of the most effective ways of securing a job. In this aspect, one connects with new people already in the working sectors as well as those searching for jobs. In addition, when one opts to use this approach, it is essential to seek an appointment directly. The best mechanism is to find for contacts from various people and heads of organizations. Networking involves having the curiosity and urge to learn new ideas about the employment sector. Similarly, one is obliged to ask for job skills and the success factors that are required in various job sectors (Chiagouris, 2011). When this is effectively done, one is in a high position to meet firms and individuals who might offer new jobs.

Additionally, there is a need to contact as many individuals as one can have for consultation needs. The consultations can begin when one decides to visit the career centers, in networking attempts, or other career functions held. It is one of the best methods new graduates should use to create rapport with possible employers or other persons who may assist in getting employment. Creating contacts is done via social media platforms such as the LinkedIn and many others.

Another method to seek employment for graduates leaving colleges is by visiting companies and other firms of interest. In this way, one should visit career websites and apply for jobs are either an internship, temporary, or permanent ones (Palmer, 2018). In this case, one is positioned to get a job in any of these positions.

All in all, college graduates have many choices to choose from to secure jobs immediately after graduation. It is crucial to creating networks, maintain contacts, and seek for any available opportunity that is available in a company of suit. Undoubtedly, when all these are done, there is the likelihood that a college graduate may get a job fast.


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