When the Dancer Is Self - Alice Walker Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-21
When the Dancer Is Self - Alice Walker Essay Example
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The story of Alice Walker is majorly about her life, she writes about various moments in her life some of which were exciting and others were bad (Plant,2017). She systematically tells the story of her life from her childhood to her later life. This paper picks some of her particular moments in her life.

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Childhood Moments-1947

The story of her life starts in 1947 where she explained how she felt about herself. Alice Walker says she is the prettiest. At a young age she abuses her beauty, she only uses it to boast in life. She also speaks of her parents; she vividly describes her farther as a fat man with a cute eye. She exposes the level of poverty in their home during that time; she says that she farther works as a driver while her mother would at time work as a house help for their boss's wife. They even lived in a house that is not theirs.

Alice however concentrated in her childhood life where she expressed how she wanted to have fun and be happy. One time she was very excited when she farther promised to take her with him and have fun. Alice liked boasting about what she had that her friends didn't, she also boasts about her father's.


In 1950 Alice moments were jovial, She figures out one moment where she was in an Easter holiday, she was six by then and was so happy to have learned how to speak the longest speech on Easter, she was proud to be the only one who could speak more fluently without stammering, she says that she always leaves people in the church aghast with her nice speech.

At Eight

The worst moments of Alice Walker are when she was eight. At eight, Alice lost her beauty, she describes herself as a tomboy wearing cowboy cap, cowboy boots and checked shirt. She also lost the attention of her parents; this was evident when her brothers were bought guns and not her. She exclaimed that she was reduced to an Indian girl walking with arrows. To make the matter worst, she lost her eyes when a nail hit her right in the eye when her brother was playing with their gun.

Following the accident, she lost confidence in herself. She even started experiencing nightmares. In school, she no longer does well like when she was four. She had a bad time in school until her parents decided to take her to another school where she got a teacher who loved her. It is also during this moment when mother got ill leaving her with too many duties since her father and brothers seemed not to care.

Teenage Moments

As a teenager, she was struggling with low self-esteem until her brother Bill took her to a doctor to perform a surgery on her eye. After the surgery, the ugly white ball had gone and she could at least raise her head in class. The surgery gave her new life, she felt relieved with the shame of ugliness she had in her face. She remembers when she was 12 when her aunt visited them and she had to hide in the bedroom to cover her from the shame of being ugly.

As A Grown Up

Alice life went on and at 27 she got a child, Rebecca, at that time she had accepted herself the way she was, she was contented and ready to bring up her child. She only worried about what would happen if her daughter realized that her eye was different from those of other people. She remembers one day when she laid Rebecca on a bed when she realizes her eye and said that she had a world in her face. Thirty years later she had her book published and the auditor was asking her how the book cover should look like.

In conclusion, Alice Walker's life was good in her childhood and she was having fun moments before taking a different direction when she lost her eye. She experienced the worst moment then but life had to move on.


Plant, D. G. (2017). Alice Walker: A Woman for Our Times. ABC-CLIO.

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