Investment Proposal Follow-Up Letter, Free Example

Published: 2022-03-18
Investment Proposal Follow-Up Letter, Free Example
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Dear Name of Investor,

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We have heard that you are a very stable investor in both local and international ventures. I have been informed of some business ventures that got your support during their startup. Now we are planning to start a tested software-and-hardware-as-a-service business model in the City, but the needs for this business has become greater than I anticipated, and prefer to get it started as soon as possible.

We intend to produce and sell computer hardware and software in the local and Global market. We also plan to offer other services such as maintenance, installation, and upgrade of software to different customers. Some very many customers demand these services and products. I was informed that there are very few companies that produce and sell these products and services and therefore there is no stiff competition. I am sure that, we can n start a very stable business organization that will give us a considerable financial benefit when I either have sufficient finances to reword workers and to buy essential equipment. This business will require different equipment and machinery that I cannot buy alone, but with a joint effort, it is possible. I have attached a brochure that will show you what we are planning to do and the business plan that will make you understand the business potential and the profit we anticipate to make. I would prefer to have a direct discussion with you in person and explain more to you about the business venture we are planning to start. We will inform all of you of the date and place where all the invited investors will meet to ensure that an agreement is reached before starting the business. I have the pleasure to reach you at any time at 455-123-45623 or Thanks a lot faithfully

Sender's name

Investment Proposal Follows-Up Letter

Mrs. Amanda JonesSoftware Company87 Delaware StreetHatfield, CA 08060

27th, Feb 2018

Dear Mr

I sent you a letter at the beginning of this month, but I have not received your response regarding the investment venture we requested you to become part of. Since then I have not confirmed your interest in the business and wondering what could be your plan pertaining the same.

Please confirm to us that you are going to be one of the shareholders and assure us that you will be present at the investment meeting we are planning to convene next month dated 25th, March 2018. We will appreciate your presence because it will allow us to recognize all the investors. Kindly respond to us and inform us if you are willing to contribute and support this business with the amount of money that the investment committee will disclose to members in the coming meeting.

We expect a lot from you, and we would like to assure you that the business we are planning to start is very viable and can produce high investment return at the end of every financial year. Please have confidence and strength that the business will not make you lose. We have done a feasibility study, and the result shows that it is a potential investment portfolio with a very high-profit margin.

Kindly let us know if there are any other information and document that you may require from us. We have both article and memorandum of association that you may expect to see the validity of the business. We have also received the letter of incorporation and business permit allowing us to start the business at any time. The only problem is that we are waiting for potential investors to pull up their resources to start the business. We urge you to attend the investors meeting for further explanation and receive all the legal documents such as contract form to have the confidence that the company is legitimate and not a fiction.

Kindly receive the attached document which we had not sent to you. They include incorporation certificate from the registrar of companies, Tax compliance certificate, and Business permit and other legal document required when staring a company. You can reach us by 455-123-45623 or Thanks very much for being kind to me. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon


Yours Faithfully

Amanda Jones (Director)

Loan Agreement


__________ The undersigned......................... Who is living at ......................... Is at this moment pledging to pay back the loan as described in the loan term sheet to ........................ living at...................................... The principal amount of money.......................... With an interest of ........................... as indicated in the loan terms prescribed below.


The amount borrowed and the interest is payable on ................... Together with other charges accrued for payment. The payments found in this agreement form are used first for accumulated interest and then to the principal amount which has not been paid.


The business has a chance of prepaying in full or in part the principal amount at any time. This can be made alongside with the interest and other charges associated with the loan. There will be no penalty, premium and any additional cost attached to it without informing the borrower.

Costs and Fees

In case there is nonpayment of the loan in due date, the borrower must make payment of a given amount as a penalty and other charges incurred during the collection of the loan such as legal fees.

Successors and Assigns

The amount borrowed will inure to the profit of and be binding on the relevant descendants and authorized assigns of the person who acquires the money. The person who borrows the money may not have assigned its authority or delegate its responsibility without the written consent of the lender.

Joint and Several Liability

When there are many people jointly participated in the borrowing of this loan, they shall have an equal obligation to pay this loan together.


For this loan agreement to be amended, it shall be done through written agreement duly signed by the borrower and the bank.


When any part of this loan agreement is assumed to be invalid, the other parts shall remain valid and enforceable. It shall not affect the other parts unless also considered to be invalid by both the borrower and the lender.


All notices about this loan shall be made in writing and sent to the borrower through email or personal address.

Governing Law

This loan will be given under the laws of the land and shall work in accordance with contract laws.


Signature of Borrower

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