Free Essay on Steps to Solving a Problem

Published: 2017-07-29
Free Essay on Steps to Solving a Problem
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Steps to solving a problem

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Have you always taken the time to go through the Problem Solving Steps?

No. It is because some problems need quick responses and one has to make decisions as fast as possible that will probably solve those problems. Moreover, some problems are easy, and one does not need to follow the steps used in problem-solving to handle them. However, failing to follow problem-solving steps may lead to irrational decisions that might result in more tough problems. For example, one time I had a fight with another student about a pen. Instead of following the problem-solving steps, we resolved the problem by getting a new pen each and giving the other pen to a student who did not have one.

Have you ever just given up on a Solution that did not Work instead of refining it?

Yes. Solutions to problems may not always work. It is because sometimes people miss out steps to solve problems. One may not get all the facts about the problem and may only focus on the cause of the problem and not the problem itself. It may result in solutions that may fail to work, and thus the person gives up. For example, I started a business for selling gunny bags. There was a lot of demand, so I increased the workers who sewed them. However, that did not work since the supply was way too low as compared to the demand thus I did not make enough profits. I gave up on the business instead of coming up with another solution.

How might you use these Steps to Solve a Problem in your Life?

I have an anger problem. I get angry when I feel that I am being ignored. The anger problem has spoiled many of my relationships with my friends and family as they tell me to stop it but I do not listen. The alternative solution I can use is to see a counselor. It will enable me to face my fears and encourage me to stop getting angry for no reason.

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