When an Institution Does Not Conform to the Political Issues. Paper Example

Published: 2023-02-16
When an Institution Does Not Conform to the Political Issues. Paper Example
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In society, various organizations and institutions have been developed for different purposes. These agencies are expected to run smoothly so that they can achieve the goals and objectives that have been set for it to be successful. There are public institutions which have been developed for the main purpose of offering public services to the members of the public. According to Frederickson et al. (2018), most of these public institutions have been affected by politics, whereby politics command most of the activities. The politics of a country can either shape or destroy how certain activities are done. The education sectors is one of the areas whose management has been affected by various political issues. Various institutions have had to change some of their activities to alight with the political climate.

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In most cases, when an institution does not conform to some of these political issues, they may get sanctioned from various benefits of the government, such as funds. One such institution that has been developed are universities. Universities have been developed to provide a higher level of education. These universities depend on various resources so that they can succeed in their operations. Universities are public institutions that are expected to provide a higher level of education to all the members of the public.

Furthermore, these institutions are led by vice-chancellors, who are the managers. The main resource that is needed by these institutions are the lecturers to teach and conduct various programs (Frederickson et al., 2018). However, in the past few years, there has been an emerging problem that is facing these institutions, and that is the recruitment of these lecturers. The hiring of lecturers has become a problem, and this is affecting education. This problem falls under the federal government since it the one that is tasked with the mandate of controlling education programs within the United States of America. The federal government is mandated to provide all the required resources so that these institutions of high learning can provide quality education.

South State University is an example of such a university that is offering high learning in various programs. This institution is a public institution that serves all the members of the public. However, the university is currently facing a considerable management problem, and that is a shortage of lecturers to educate students. The role of management is to ensure that the university has all the resources required to achieve all the set goals and objectives. In this case, the university is going through a severe crisis, and that is due to a lack of enough lecturers to teach the students who are pursuing various programs. This issue has been developed as a result of political interest from different political groups.

These political groups have come up with different ideas concerning how these institutions should hire their lecturers to conduct various programs. An example of a political climate that is evident in this case is that most leaders are calling want the government to hire these lecturers on behalf of the university. Most of the politicians believe that when the university is left to hire the lecturers on its own, they may select an individual who is not fully qualified. These individuals believe that this has been one of the factors that have resulted in substandard education that is offered by the institution.

On the other hand, the management of the university insists that it has to hire its employees since it has a human resource department that will be able to conduct the hiring process effectively. The other political climate that is surrounding the hiring of lecturers by the university is that the money these individuals will be paid will come from the government. In this case, the government will control all the funds that are meant to pay these lecturers. The management of the university has not been impressed by this factor since it claims that when the government decides to pay the lecturers their salary, some of them may exhibit laxity at work.

The presence of this problem of hiring the lecturers has been influenced mainly by the political interest of certain individuals within the government. This issue has become a set back to the management of the institution in the sense that they cannot conduct the hiring program without consulting the government. The institution is forced to go through the long process of involving the government in the exercise, which sometime may take a long time.

The Circumstances

Universities require lecturers whose primary purpose is to help in teaching the student various programs. At any point, the university should have lecturers who will be able to teach all the programs that are offered. This issue ensures that the learners learn continuously and that there are no barriers that may occur, preventing education from being delivered (Thomas, 2017). These universities should have the mandate to hires it lecturers because it understands the situation that it is currently experiencing. However, several political issues have emerged, which have greatly affected how these lecturers are hired as well as enumerated.

Most of the political groups believe that some of the universities are misusing their resources, and this is significantly affecting the quality of education that is being provided. As a result of this issue, there has emerged a political climate that is affecting the recruitment of these lecturers. Some of the sections of the members of the government are claiming that some of the universities are not following the right procedures when selected the lecturers to teach various programs that are offered. Therefore, the government is seeking to be involved in the hiring process because it has all the required resources that will help it to be able to accomplish the task effectively. The government has urged these learning institutions to present their requests whenever they want to hire new lecturers. After that, the government will conduct the hiring process on behalf of the institution while ensuring that all the needs are being met. However, the management of the university has been affected by this matter.

The management of the universities had the mandate to hire the lectures whenever there was a shortage. This issue saved a lot of time since the lecturers were hired as soon as possible. However, with the political climate that has arisen, these managers have been prevented from taking action to improve the workforce by increasing the number of lecturers to teach various programs. The main effect that has been experienced from these events is that education tends to be slowed in most cases. Since the management has to submit a request before the government could hire the lecturer, a lot of time gets wasted as these requests will have to be reviewed first. Initially, the management would recruit the lecturers immediately; there was a chance, and this ensured that education was continuous.

Another is that the political climate wants to strip the management of the institution the powers to remunerate the lecturers. The government wants to take control of all the salaries being paid to the lecturers. As the lecturers are hired, they will be put on the government's payroll. The government believes that by taking this action, it will help to moderate the amount of salary that is paid to the lecturers, which sometimes seems to be high. The management of these institutions have been affected by this political climate in a sense they cannot pay their lecturers anymore. Some of these institutions used to hire part-time lecturers to work as assistant lecturers and help their seniors with small roles. Therefore, the management will not be able to make any decision concerning the salaries since the government will do everything due to political issues.

The Outcome of the Case

The presence of this issue will result in various issues in society. Some of these outcomes may either be positive or negative. One of the positive issues that can be obtained from the presence of this political issue is that the lectures that will be recruited by the government will be skills, and they will be able to perform their roles better, and this improves the quality of education being offered by the university.

The other positive outcome of this case is that there will be moderation of the salaries being paid to the lectures. There are some lectures which could be earning little salaries, yet they have more experience. This action resulted in the political climate will ensure that there is moderation and that lectures will more skills are paid more salaries.

One of the negative outcomes of this case is that there may be challenges in some of the learning sectors since the government is taking time to get a new lecturer to teach certain programs. This issue may negatively affect the programs of the university as some of them will have to be stopped as they wait for the government to get them a new lecturer, and this may make some of the students to spend a lot of time in school rather than it was expected.

The other negative outcome of the case is that it makes it hard for the managers of these learning institutions to be able to make their own decisions. These individuals will always be forced to seek the views of the political groups before they can do anything, and this lowers their productivity. The other negative outcome of this case is that it might lead to conflict between the political groups and the managers of these institutions. This conflict will developed in the sense that the management will not be comfortable with the government handling all these activities for them, yet they have the ability. Therefore, the management will be struggling to get some of its power back. While these parties are conflicting, education will be affected since a lot of time will be wasted.


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