Free Essay Sample on Texas Government

Published: 2019-11-18
Free Essay Sample on Texas Government
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Basically, my source of political belief is as a result of the exposure I have from socialization. When growing up one is able to spend most of his or her time with the family, as compared to no one else, I was actually able to acquire and obtain beliefs, habits, attitudes and behavior from my family. My family imparted political culture in me unintentionally by actually acting as an example. An additional political source is a school where we actually learn about our country through the curriculum which is recognized as the civil education, for example in U.S most individuals learn about politics at a younger period. Notably, peers and religion also act as a political source since religious traditions possess different values and even peers at all steps and age have influenced my beliefs. Lastly, the minority status which involves minority group, media which involves talk radio, a news network and the internet, key events in a nation and social economic class are the major sources of my political belief and basically, I believe what I do because of the motivation and better hopes I have in the future (Mercado).

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Through focusing on the aspects of my life and my existence, a lot have contributed my thinking towards political issues and the actual role, the government playing in peoples lives. Basically, despite the disagreement faced in our daily families and the existing generation gaps children in the Texas government normally grow and vote the way parents do, though in some cases, the attention tends o diverge from how their parents are, the influence still stands out. For the more political active parent, the more likely one is in a position of focusing on the same beliefs. In reference to political issues like one party portraying more support of women as compared to other parties; gender is able to play a major role when it comes to voting in support of democrat and republican. Women who are my friends normally shift their support to democrat since they are perceived to offer support to women than the Republican Party.

Focusing on race and ethnicity, as an African American, I have been loyal to supporting the democrat party due to my strong conviction that democrat offers support for equality and doesnt allow inequality based on race and ethnicity, it has also been a trending phenomenal for blacks to support democrats. On the other hand, the Cuban America offer strong support to republican based on their beliefs and ideologies. Additionally, most important shapers basic political values and loyalty to a particular party is through peers, mass media, families and schools the ideology is normally rooted into us as we grow up and sometimes we find it very difficult to run away from them and even change them.

Critically, the government has played a very critical role in peoples lives especially by allowing democracy, where people are given the opportunity and the freedom to choose and even hold their leaders accountable for their conduct and policies in office, it has also given everyone opportunity regardless of religion, race, background, and even gender to make free political decisions. The role of government in our lives has given has the power to elect and make our own decision when it comes to the political issues.


Mercado, Luis Bernardo. Critical Thinking 101: Key Concepts for the American Voter. AuthorHouse, 2012. Print.

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