Coursework Paper Sample on Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Published: 2022-06-16
Coursework Paper Sample on Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
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Discuss the Nursing Barriers to Evidence-Based Practice?

Deficient knowledge - the deficiency of education for a patient will lead to a hard time for his recovery in time. Knowledge or information plays an influential role in patient records hence lack of it will affect patient domain

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Information encumbers - this is a situation where the researcher has more information than required. Therefore this makes it analyze the information to make a reasonable conclusion. Information overloading will make hard for understandability hence ineffective conclusion will be made. It occurs when the input exceeds the processing capacity thus it will lead to the reduction of quality.

Deficient role model - the absence of role model which may set the example that can be emulated by people will make it for hard for others to try; this is because they lack someone to copy from hence this makes it hard for nurses to file the exact information.

Deficient time - lack of enough always to file the competent research thus can be used by nurses to further their studies or used in in the hospital for referencing thus lead to sketchy work.

Deficient fund or money - unavailability of sufficient fund to further the research or support the outcome after the research make it for hard for the nurses to keep the information found for the future studies or facilitate the reading.

Misperception - this is a situation whereby the patient or people lack the proper knowledge or information hence based their minds on belief and myths thus causing the barrier to exist. Misperception needs adequate education to deal with the odds and perception on patients mind.

Resistance to change - this is where the patient or people refuse to accept changes within the society which might exist because of development of technology that will help in the handling of patients. It can be a new development or introduction of new medication to the health institutions hence people need to accept the changes (Morgan, (2017).

Discuss what are the steps to Evidence-Based Practice?

An individual needs to have questions that he or she has set for inquiry which will lay the bottom line for evidence-based practice.

The first step - ask questions

At this step, the need for information is required, and therefore inquiry may be requested in PICOT format which will be about therapy, prognosis, prevention, diagnosis and, causation into a subject matter. This format helps in providing the coherent structure for finding the electronic database which is delineated to recoup the article which is relevant to the clinical (Morgan, (2017).

Second step - finding information or getting evidence

These are the way of getting the best evidence that will help i9n answering the question that was set aside. The PICOT format will help in identifying the phrase or the primary words that will combine successfully whereas the first to be keying it should be cute care for the hospital. Results are being for both search hence the method will narrow the result found to the relevant article about the clinical question thus limiting the final search.

Step three - Critically appraise the information (evidence)

The information should be appraised on its validity, applicability and, impact. A review of the article should be evaluated to determine the primary reliable, valid, and applicable and, relevant clinical question hence it's quite hard in implementing the EBP. It will help in addressing the intervention work and the impact it brings to the outcome, the possibility of getting the same results. The approach will consider the importance of the study and the applicability of the research to examine the clinical cover (Morgan, (2017).

Step four - Integrate the evidence of appraised with the patient's reference and clinical expertise.

Clinical expertise will integrate with the patient's unique biological information, data from the laboratory and the outcome data from the management programs. The implementation of EBP is being influenced by the clinical inconsistent and institutional which reduces the depression incidence in patients in case they have received incentive therapy early to the hospital discharge.

Step five - Evaluate the outcome

Evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness and efficiency in the results where the essential data are depicted, and the negative information is remedied. The efficacy of the intervention is thoroughly controlled to avoid errors. The quality and outcome of EBP will help the clinicians in implementing and recognizing the exact information the patient is likely to benefit from.

Step six - promulgate the EBP result

The clinician achieves the excellent outcome for a patient through EBP but fails to share the experience they have gained with their colleagues thus leading to replication of effort. The best way to evaluate a successful EBP is through the institution, regional and presentation at local areas hence this will help health care institution in adopting EBP as a merit of clinical guideline that will help in decision making.

What is the highest priority for the importance of research in the nursing profession?

To research to understand the context of nursing practice better- this is because nursing research is a methodological inquiry delineate to elaborate the knowledge on the subject of significance to nurses which will include the nursing education, administration, and their practices.

The student nurse is constructing a presentation on evidence-based practice. Which statement should be included in the introduction about evidence-based practice?

Utilization of nursing preferences in making clinical decisions- a good report should be within the PICO format, whereby it contains the primary information or problem in which experts will define the judgment and proficiency of the data.

Which topic most closely conforms to the priorities that have been suggested for future nursing research?

Promotion of excellence in nursing science- this will help the department to center on the essential questions, practices and theories of health improvement to the nursing perspective thus deepen the knowledge on health improvement in nursing as a science hence will help in the society through community care and health care services within an environment.

What is the overall plan for answering the research question?

Research design - this is the overall strategy which will integrate nonidentical constituents of a study reasonably and rationally this will help in addressing the research problems.

Evidence-based practice typically involves weighing various types of evidence in an effort to determine best evidence. Most evidence hierarchies put which systematic review at the pinnacle?

Clinical practice guidelines - the knowledge that accrued from professional practices and the experience gain will help in delivering of best evidence-based practice. These will guide in the set of recommendations that involves judgment and how to manage the patients.

A RN is putting research into practice. What step of the process is involved with the validity of study findings?

Appraising the evidence- validity as criteria will be applied before a substantial analysis of the data for the study which will help in evaluating the literature in the medical undertaking.

What is the purpose of an operational definition in a quantitative study?

Specify how a variable will be defined and measured- by measuring through employing the simple scale will categorize the evidence or responses based on religion, gender and, favorite color thus possessing the dependent variables.

The nurse researcher knows that samples and sampling plans vary in quality. What is a key consideration in assessing a sample in a quantitative study?

Representativeness- the quality of determining the data is by considering the representativeness of population being helped by the size of the population hence this will ease ethical consideration and, recruitment consideration (Dobson, 2018).

Researchers communicate their aims as problem statements, statements of purpose, research questions, or hypotheses. What is the statement of purpose?

Summarizes the overall study goal- a reasonable explanation of use should help in identifying the variables and, studying the population hence help in communicating to determine whether they are qualitative or quantitative.

What is a primary source for a research literature review?

Any journal article on a topic of interest- primary source, this is a source that is written by the original author and able to give ideas that are needed and it is a type of the first-hand source of data.

What is a primary source for a research literature review?

A description of the study by an individual unconnected with it- a secondary source of information is a review where the writer has to encapsulate, criticize and, analyses the previous research.

Written literature reviews are undertaken for many different purposes. In a quantitative research report, what section of the report would a review of prior research on the problem under study be located?

Introduction - these are the most critical area of research which will ensure that there is the long-term success of the proposal adoption .it provide room for accountability to communities and stakeholders thus help in funding to provide efficient outcome (Morgan, (2017).

Written literature reviews are undertaken for many different purposes. In a research report, what section of the report would limitations of the study be located?

Discussion - this is where the interpretation of the data or information are done. The descriptions of findings, limitations and research problem are being explained and investigated in the discussion part of the research.

The Belmont Report articulated broad principles on which standards of ethical conduct in research are based. Which is not considered an ethical principle for protecting study participants in the report?

Respect for human dignity - justice as a core principle entails the respect for human dignity and respect for vulnerable thus it is not considered as a core principle.

How can confidentiality of study participants be increased?

Avoiding the collection of any identifying information- the researcher should promise the respondents not to reveal the identity which can do through preventing the collection of the identifying information. By maintaining the confidentiality of the respondents during the collection of data from the research participants will lead to getting appropriate data.

The researcher wants to explore the extent to which quantitative findings can be applied to other groups and settings. What is this called?

Generalizability - this is an extent to which the quantitative finding through the access to which the outcome will use in different context and groups. The application of generalizability by the researchers in education can help in knowing the extent of the research conclusion and findings.

What type of research design involves an experimental intervention but no randomization and supports causal inferences?

Quasi-experimental - this study design is verifiable interventional research which is used to approximate the target population in absences of random assignment. The absence of random assignment that can be used for control or treatment hence help the researcher to control the treatment conditions as the independent variables will manipulate, control some mechanism.

The nurse researcher wants to use a probability sample in the research study. Which is an example of a probability sampling method?

Cluster - the probability sampling method is a sampling technique that uses or utilizes random selections through having procedure or process which will help in ensuring the use of different units in a research population with the equal probabilities. The cluster or area random sam...

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