Essay Sample on The Star Movie Analysis

Published: 2023-03-15
Essay Sample on The Star Movie Analysis
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Both Jackson and Ally meet at a club. Jackson was drinking after his performance, and Ally, who is a former waitress of the club, has also come to perform this particular song, La vie en Rose. It is in the process of singing that Ally sets her eyes on Jackson. Jackson is quite impressed by Ally`s talent and it is not long before Ally realizes that she had fallen in love with Jackson's ability too. She realizes this when Jackson performs another song for the clubs owner. A star is born a movie with several versions but this recent version gives a fresh feeling to the prospective audience. Jackson has realized the intensity of Ally's talent before the night ends as she sang another song that she had written and which they will come to perform together later on. There is a strong bond between the two that anyone could easily fall for.

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Ally is growing from a waitress to a superstar. At first, she is a little scared to perform on stage or even write songs, but she knows what she wants and correctly what to do to get it. Ally is used to spending most of her time with men who are more successful than she is; this includes her father, Lorenzo, who owns a car selling the business and his colleagues. It is a common thing in all the versions of "A star is born" that while one star is emerging, the one is going down. As seen at the beginning of the film, Jackson is a notorious alcoholic and even refuses to listen to advice as given by a friend, Noodles. He is naturally restless and couldn't listen to anyone. He makes excuses for failed opportunities and unmet goals. As much as the events portray a friendship of talented people who need each other, in real sense Ally and Jackson are growing apart. Ally is becoming more and more famous in the world of pop music as Jackson, on the other hand, is sinking in his drinking addiction. Jackson believes that pop is disposable. It is in his movie that we find the two stars with different lifestyles.

Both Jackson and Ally are selfless and loving people. The main problem that seems to put them apart is Jackson's addiction. Ally tries to convince him that it is not his fault. She says that his alcoholism is a "disease." This makes Jackson account for his jealousy of Ally's success in addiction instead of a natural human behavior; I mean, it is only natural to be jealous; anyone in that position would be suspicious. Cooper, the producer of the latest version, seems to emphasize female success and the decline in male fame. A Key point in "A star is born "is that anyone can be a star, regardless of gender, social status or background (Weng, 2017, 34). It, however, also implies that even stars fall if not careful to maintain their position. This is seen by Ally rising from a waitress to a famous pop star and Jackson, a renowned pop star declining his fame due to his irresponsible drinking behavior.

Nevertheless, the audience believes that a star is special that determines how long an actor will remain a star. In all the versions, the male star is portrayed as the one who uplifts and shapes the career of the female. The male figure offers its service to the females and helps them succeed. In conclusion, we can see how this film shows that music brings people together, Ally and Jackson got married, although in the end, Jackson dies. Ally performs the song "I will never love again" emotionally to bid her husband goodbye.


Weng, C. Y., Chu, W. T., & Wu, J. L. (2007, July). Movie analysis based on roles' social network. In 2007 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (pp. 1403-1406). IEEE.

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