Business Essay Example on Having a Restaurant

Published: 2019-10-28
Business Essay Example on Having a Restaurant
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Give three reasons why someone would want to own and operate a restaurant.

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As a business venture; food is a necessity and everyone needs to eat. Unlike other basic needs like clothing and shelter, food is recurrent and people can hardly go a day without it regardless of age, social class, and location. Therefore, a restaurant owner is assured of a ready market every time.

For the love of it; just like other careers such as medicine and engineering, owning and operating a restaurant is a calling. Basically, that explains why not all restaurants end up being successful. Where the money is the sole motive without any passion, the restaurant is meant to fail.

Skills-set; the skills that someone is equipped with may affect this decision. For instance, a culinary art graduate with a good starting capital may consider owning and operating a restaurant. The same case would apply to a hotel management graduate.

How important do you think it is to have restaurant experience before entering the business as an owner/operator?

Whoever said experience is the best teacher cannot be faulted. Just like anything else in life, having a hands-on experience in restaurant operations beats any amount of coursework or theory taught in classrooms. It shows you the real life perspective of restaurants and application of theories learned in class; this is far more important than coursework.

Give three reasons people patronize restaurants.

Humans are social beings; therefore, the idea of eating out and catching up fascinates them.

Some meals require technical experience and expertise to be prepared; most people lack these culinary skills making restaurants the only place they can enjoy their delicacies without the hustle of preparing them.

Time factor; most people lead busy lifestyles and they barely have time to be stuck in kitchen making their meals. Such people opt for restaurants.


Briefly describe the kinds and characteristics of restaurants.

There are 6 major kinds of restaurants namely:

Chain restaurants large and benefit economies of scale

Quick service one stop restaurants that mostly sell snacks

Fast casual Like quick service but larger in size

Family Restaurants that promote eating out for families


Fine dining.

Common characteristics of restaurants include:

Having a definite menu

Decor and ambiance to attract customers

Excellent customer hospitality

Target group

What are the highlights of Mexican restaurant menus?

Mexican restaurants are mostly colorful and eye-catching. This makes the restaurant experience exciting and keeps the customer coming back for more. Mexican restaurants offer a wide variety to their customers. The highlight of their menus is comprised of seafood and spiced up sauces. Burritos and pizzas are hard to miss in Mexican menus. Due to less meat used to prepare these delicacies, Mexican menus are relatively cheap as compared to other menus.

Name the elements that make for fine dining.

Usually represents wealth. Fine dining takes place in business oriented cities such as New York and Palm Beach. Fine dining differs from average restaurants and therefore, meal prices are relatively high. The cuisine and service provided is high class and is characterized by expensive wines and exotic foods CITATION Joh05 \l 1033 (Galloway, 2005).


Galloway, J. (2005). Fine dining madness: the rules and realities of fine dining. New York: iUniverse Inc.

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