HRM Essay Example on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment

Published: 2022-09-27
HRM Essay Example on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment
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Companies face intense competition from their rivals in the industry. It is pivotal to note that workers play a critical role in the success of companies. Therefore, most firms engage in various activities to increase the job satisfaction levels as well as the organizational commitment of their employees. It is therefore vital to explain the difference that exists between organizational commitment and job satisfaction and highlight how Wegmans Food Market Company applies both performance management principles and motivational theory in its operations.

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Differences between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment

Many differences exist between organizational commitment and job satisfaction. It is imperative to note that job satisfaction entails a positive emotional or pleasurable state that occurs from a person's excellent job experiences. It is based on the five dimensions of work, co-workers, promotional opportunities, pays, and supervision. For a worker to experience job satisfaction in the workplace, there must be a challenging task that has unique rewards (Srivastava, 2013). Moreover, there must be opportunities for advancement, supportive co-workers, and competent supervision. On the other hand, organizational commitment refers to the emotional responses that workers have towards their jobs. In this regard, it is essential to pinpoint that an employee can have positive feelings regarding their organization but still be unsatisfied as far as their jobs are concerned.

The selected company, Wegmans Food Market, is linked to organizational commitment rather than job satisfaction. It is essential to elucidate that the company offers a favorable environment for its workers. Imperatively, the company's workers are exposed to minimal risk at work. They therefor feel safe to work for the company, a situation which boosts their organizational commitment. Furthermore, employees feel cared for as Wegmans Company gives them various incentives and bonuses, which boosts their morale in serving the company (Bell, Gilley, & Medaille, 2013). However, there are employees within the company that are not comfortable with their current job positions. They are therefore not satisfied with their jobs at Wegmans Food Market. This explains why the company is associated with organizational commitment and not job satisfaction.

Evaluating Wegmans Using Motivational Theory and Principles of Performance Management

Motivation arouses the interest of employees as well as sustaining a goal-oriented behavior in them. According to Ozguner and Ozguner (2014), the dual-factor theory of motivation stipulates that distinct factors within the organization must exist to result into job satisfaction. For instance, there must be job enrichment in which motivational factors such as good pay, adequate supervision, and so on are built into the job to create satisfaction. As a company in the competitive market, Wegmans Food Market is excellent in promoting the growth of its employees, providing favorable working conditions, and offering proper remuneration to its employees (Bell et al., 2013). Thus, it meets motivational factors that the dual factor theory stipulates. On the other hand, it is paramount to highlight that performance management entails identification, measurement, appraisal, and provision of feedback aimed at improving workplace tasks. It encompasses principles such as coaching, monitoring, motivation, honesty, and so on. Wegmans Food Market has managed to stay atop the market by following these principles of performance management. It always motivates its employees through pay rise, promotions, and bonuses. It also monitors its employees through efficient supervision systems. By so doing, the company has managed to stay competitive in the crowded market.


In general, organizations should try to impart organizational commitment among their employees to achieved enhanced productivity and revenue. Companies can achieve organizational commitment by engaging in activities that positively influence the behavior of the workers to like the company. For instance, firms need to promote a good working environment and make their employees feel important. Overall, Wegmans Food Market Company strives to adopt motivational factors and performance management principles in its operations.


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