Free Essay: Where to Stay Safe from Dinosaurs in Emporia

Published: 2022-07-11
Free Essay: Where to Stay Safe from Dinosaurs in Emporia
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Where to stay Safe from Dinosaurs in Emporia

I would choose Peter Pan Park as a hiding place for the first few days as I expect rescue. The Emporia town being invaded by the dinosaurs, I need to look for a place where I would sure of safety, and actually away from the reach of the dangerous animals. I choose this place and its environments since its location, sufficient resources, and access make it suitable to keep me safe as I wait for help, as I cannot also leave immediately the invasion was noted.

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I will be able to hide since it will be very easy for me to be seen by the animals. Something can only note my presence there I wish to be seen. Therefore I can hide and keep watch and only show that I am there having seen those whom I am sure are there to help. Besides, the aspect of safety, the place is near to an airport therefore fleeing will be made relatively easy. Lapham et al. (2628) argued that the location is just a short distance from to the JFK airport their accessibility to where I will be hiding, will be easy therefore I believe helpers will finally reach where I am.

As much as the location is secure concerning the possible dinosaur attack, there are passable roads connecting it to the neighborhoods. At some point, I may need to seek for help from the places neighboring to where I hide, especially when I feel more threatened. This will, therefore, help me to have alternative hiding places not far from where I choose to be. This is also associated with the possibility of getting food in the neighborhood during the given number of days (Lapham et al. 2628). Moreover, the location is cool hence I might feel comfortable and not unnecessarily troubled much by the fear of dinosaur attacks.

My Dream Vacation: Lublin, Poland

I choose Lublin for my vacation based on its unique features for which I had been longing to be to the given place. Lublin is known to be one of the largest city in Poland, and actually the largest to the eastern side of the Vistula River and spanning for approximately 170 kilometers. The city of Lublin is a center of almost all activities and projects which are associated with most of the great world cities (Lapham et al. 2640). However, I preferred this given part of the world for its unique aspects of culture and tourism. These features influenced me to consider a potential vacation destination.

There are unique and interesting things to see while in the city making it a favorable destination for visitors from different parts of the world (Lapham et al. 2636) For instance, there are rich aspects of culture and tourism which can be rarely seen in most cities. There and museums, cinemas, theatres, and galleries, all of which can help in the understanding of the values of the country, presented by the city. Moreover, the climate in the region is cool making it a safe place to be. I can compare this with the American Museum of Natural in which I had a similar experience, which is as well unique and rated among the best in New York.

Place and Sense of Place

The concept of the sense of place arises when one is aware of the unique qualities of a place which could be experienced in the other places. The qualitative can be associated with the human activities which define the given location. This could be happening as a way of justifying why an individual feels that a given place is suitable for a given activity, based on one's preferences. Nguyen (165) argued that "creation of place" as a concept results from the criteria human beings used to classify and evaluate a place concerning what they value. People normally consider what they would like to see in a given place and these determine one's sense of a place.

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