Free Essay Describing Social Change Project

Published: 2022-09-28
Free Essay Describing Social Change Project
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On the social change project, my selection was Box o' Books campaign-create a "take one, leave one" book swap to promote literacy. Studies are showing that most low-income earners lack books or from most of the low-income people have limited access to books. This problem hence drove me in coming up with an innovative book distribution mechanism that will avail books to those low-income homesteads. This effort in promoting greater access to books and a combination of supportive reading mood will boost literacy levels of many people. As a result, positive outcomes will be achieved like developing of language, improving reading performances, greater performances in subjects and a positive attitude on reading plus learning. To achieve this, we are to create an anonymous and free "take one, leave one" book drop to contribute reading materials for people who are in need of the most.

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Accessibility of low-income homesteads to books will be attained all over and reach to most people in need as they will sprout from time to time. Creating a take one, leave one book is an easy method since what is only needed is find a box and put it in a public place. The stuff needed for preparing are cardboard or wooden box, sign for the box, a few books you will be donating to get the process going on. As it is easy your next plan is putting your book box in a high-trafficked public place and never forgets the place should be protected from elements. Consider placing it at a grocery store or park pavilion.

I proceeded with my project by placing the box I prepared at a suitable location and left starter books in that box. This comprised of many books which were unused and my old young adult books that I didn't want my friends to know am steal reading them. I made a Follow up by checking the box every few days to see if it's getting any action or progressing according to my plan if more love for it was needed I could switch up locations to a place with more traffic. I took a photo of my box showing where I had put it. I encouraged my friends in the neighborhood to practice the same to make the initiative more resourceful in creating access to those who are in need of them and turn to promote literacy levels. My additional plan was painting the box in bright colors have a quote about the books. To support this initiative I am also thinking of placing the box on the corner of an intersection surrounded by a low garden to attract people.

I participated in this campaign by using the picture below. The image might not look the best, but guys come all let's support this campaign too. Remember create a " take one, leave one" book swap.

I have a feeling that someone needs to stand up and take up a leadership role. My participation in this campaign in trying to come up with a resourceful initiative for the society, I felt like a leader. To me, it's more than a charitable work, and it's our duty in helping those who are needy by not only giving out money but most importantly also evaluate on the daily choices that we make how they can influence our environmental health course.

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