Tourism Essay Sample about Camps Bay, Western Cape Coast

Published: 2019-05-16 04:15:46
Tourism Essay Sample about Camps Bay, Western Cape Coast
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Located on the Western Cape Coast, Camps Bay is one of the most popular and vibrant suburbs in Cape Town. It lies just after the four Clifton beaches, and as envisaged, its beautiful nature and setting are exceptional amongst the 12-Apostles and Lions head lying in adjacency to the Table Mountain.

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It has an exquisite beachfront that is a long stretch covered by palm-trees and white sand. Along its length, there is a lovely boulevard, which forms a part of a chain of bistros, cafes, and restaurants that are primarily specialized Mediterranean fair. This alone earns the Camps bay a cosmopolitan and trendy atmosphere that everyone cherishes. Once in a while, everyone who know the vicinity is tempted to have a vacation there. However, most of the visitors are tourists. As such, Camps Bay is filled with all sorts of fun activities that someone can enjoy at a beach.

Behind the Camps Bays restaurants and bars, there are luxury houses that are owned by wealthy individuals in the town. Ideally, homes in the Camps Bay fetch few millions with a lot of ease, but they are aggressively sought for by tourists. Ideally, the suburb has become something of practice by many of the tourists, who without hesitation, are enticed by the suburbs superb environment, and thus, are enticed to return again and again. Another key aspect is the presence of sunlight, which most visitors enjoy. In essence, walking at the beach, it is no surprise that you find many tourists basking in the sun, as well as mingling with the pavement culture. Further, considering houses on the reaches of Lions Head, they offer a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, the bay is somewhat cool and calm, especially during the summer period, and it offers protection from the wind, as well as providing a conducive environment for swimming.

Further, the cableway located at the Table Mountain is only a few minutes away from Camps Bay. It is one of the most enticing locations of Camps Bay as it is filled with many art galleries and museums. Additionally, something that makes it a tempting destination to visit is the fact that it is the city Centre which features a bohemian Long Street, as well as the fashionable Kloof Street, which both are filled with the aforementioned businesses, specifically museums and galleries, thus making it worthwhile to have a good days walk. For instance, this is very relaxing as one gets to artistic collections, thereby making it is fun to go to these streets.

The camps Bay also offers a place to hold events, such as weddings, as well as conferences. For weddings, there is an experienced and efficient banqueting team that ensures that a couples wedding day goes perfect. Additionally, they offer five-star hospitality, which essentially puts one in a lap of luxury. In addition, the Rotunda, which is a high-ceilinged expanse is flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of functions, for example, fashion shows, dinner dances, and product launches among other activities. Another aspect of the Camps Bay worth mentioning is the Camps bay Retreat that is hidden in a glen and sheltered by trees, and also has perfect climate, that can effectively provide a wedding setting. The Villa Wescamp is located at the Camps Bay upmarket and with its cleverly maximization of space and lighting, it is an ideal site to bask. The Rotunda, the Conference Room at the Bay Hotel, Sandy B, and the Boardroom at Bay Hotel are effective and prime locations for conferences.

For these reasons, the Camps Bay Beach, with all these attractions, including the Lions Head, the Glen, galleries and museums, is a prime location for vacations. As such, I would recommend it to anyone seeking for a perfect tourism experience.

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