Nurses as lobbyist

Published: 2018-11-23
Nurses as lobbyist
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The need for advanced practice regulated nurses

As nurses, there is a belief to change the state of the environment by the use of the voice, power, knowledge and vote. Nurses are therefore trained to use what is in their possession to advocate for the address of their grievances and the possible change in policies affecting them. Nurses are allowed to speak for themselves to others on their deserved rights.

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The medical hospital CoP specifies that a hospital's medical staff may consist of other practitioners including APRNs if permitted by state law (Andrea B). Hospitals, therefore, are open to allowing advanced practice regulated nurses. APRNs provide quality health care in their practice as they practice to the full extent of their training and education level. APRNs are therefore an option for hospitals that is likely to fulfill the needs of patients’ needs of proper health care.

Hospitals across all states should, therefore, give consideration to APRNs as they are a part of helping patients obtain health care. The privileges of nurses in practice should be harmonized across all states as they are effective in providing health care.

Review of the rights and privileges to be enjoyed by APRNs across all states in the USA

An aging community with increased number of chronic diseases requires improvement of the levels of health care. States should, therefore, be looking into incorporating APRNs as part of health care personnel in a hospital (Manfred S, 2008). The use of APRNs is expected to increase in some states due to the need to increase medical personnel.

As states are looking to increase the number of APRNs in hospitals, the privileges of practicing nurses should be looked into by both national and state governments. Nurses across all states agree to the levels of low consideration given to them by hospitals, however, nurses are a key part of treatment as they are the most reliable individuals in patient interaction (Ann B). In advocating for their privileges and deserved rights, nurses have been enlightening hospital managements and states on the legislation of health care policies.

Governments and the management of health care centers in the USA should, therefore, give APRNs their full deserved privileges as they look into advancing the levels of health care.


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