Climate Change Essay Example

Published: 2018-08-21
Climate Change Essay Example
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Climate Change Innovation

Recently renewable energy has been a focus various government in the world. In Germany, Texas and Scotland; Siemens company is trying to eradicate the challenge of renewable power by storing it in hot rocks, an oil company in the near future is going to install wind turbines which will be commercial and floated in the deep water with the aim of convincing the world to adopt this plan, and test being done to come up with a plant that will generate power while emission managed by pumping it underground to avoid climate changes.

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Around the world, energy is at the pick as governments are coming out of the traditional effort resulting in failure. Turmoil is converged to come up with a huge company to produce energy. But all these are growing slowly; experts are quick to warn that unless emission reduction and worst effect of global warming avoided then, this would be achieved by 2050. Despite this none has been made hence there is need to accelerate the plan to stop the catastrophe. On the other hand, the cost of renewable energy is seen to plunge, hindering many places driving the dirt water out of the market. Although they look promising to replace old fossil fuel cannot replace a lot need to be done in term of technologies.

Although many people have an idea of how innovation works, the progress seems slow. These happen because the engineers under-estimate the problem while undertaking the initiative of pouring billion dollars in clean tech. According to Mr. Morris, they focus only on the hard areas of the sector; this is affected by rising and falling of energy buyout products, and only government can be involved in the large supply. Strong policies are to eradicate linkages between government and big businesses by forcing them adapt natural gasses. Germany is above everyone in adopting renewable energy, but the European governments are slow to adjust their subsidiaries.

If they subsidize these power plants, it means they believe in green energy is capable of competing in energy sectors. Reliability is a factor since the wind and the sun aren't, wind turbines in the store can be used to be propelled by strong breezes to replace solar and wind panels. Although this is expensive, deals between wind industries who are aiming by 2020 to be the best energy producers. Even with all these progress experts says it unclear where renewable energy can go. Keeping in mind in 2030 enormous powers will be needed.

Net-powers and nuclear power point are the main answer for all initiative to be undertaken according to experts like Bill Gates, through the government subsidizing big energy projects.


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