Free Essay on Wendy's and McDonald's Organizational Cultures

Published: 2020-06-10
Free Essay on Wendy's and McDonald's Organizational Cultures
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Organizational culture is an important facet of good corporate performance across diverse sectors of the economy. Numerous studies have shown that business culture is one of the main sources of comparative advantage for corporations, be they large or small. As such, businesses are constantly seeking ways of improving and aligning their workplace culture to better fit within their overall business objectives. A comparative analysis of two of the largest fast food companies in the world from an organizational culture perspective provides a good representation of the importance of culture (Melnick et al. 2009).

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In the contemporary era advocacy in low-carbohydrate diets and critical exercise habits most people are extremely keen with food choices. The 21st century demands convenience in fast food restaurants that permit for the need of affordable food quickly. Regrettably, the foods sold in these restaurants are not constantly the healthiest preferences. Traditionally, fast food restaurants provide processed foods that are rich in fat. In objection to historic stereotype, the two fast food restaurants, Wendys and McDonalds, currently offer healthy food choices that are almost cholesterol free. Thus, these restaurants are categorized as fast food, however, they are dissimilar in healthy choice menu foods (Melnick et al. 2009).

McDonalds and Wendys are two of the largest fast food companies in the United States. They each have thousands of franchise locations right across the country and numerous more spread across the globe. They are both highly profitable publicly traded corporations. Due to their common market focus, they tend to share quite a few elements of corporate culture while differing on others (Melnick et al. 2009).

The Customer Experience

Good customer relations are a hallmark of how both McDonalds and Wendys do business. They both stress the centrality of their customers in all their business undertakings. This marks them out as a customer-oriented enterprises; all activities carried out within the business are geared towards attracting and keeping customers. They both stress the need to provide a top-class experience for anyone from the moment they walk in, during the course of their meal and afterwards so that they feel welcome and wanted. Similarly, they stress the need to react swiftly and professionally to all customer complaints, whether major or minor. They both take pride in having large pools of loyal and long-time customers who have come to expect a high standard of service anywhere in the world (Choi & Ruona, 2011).

Healthy Menu Choices

In spite of differing significantly in the variety and presentation of healthy options, both Wendys and McDonalds provide various salad choices, which are healthy food staple. Conceivably the most implausible penetration in McDonalds and Wendys restaurants was the introduction of healthy burger choices to the food menu. Wendys offers a healthy sandwich referred to as, the Ultimate Chicken Grill, which boasts about 6.5 grams of fat when loaded with all savory coatings. Even though Wendys provides just a single healthy choice sandwich, Wendys has been the market leader in providing numerous healthy meals. For instance, its minute order of chili, contains less than 5 grams of fat, is a healthy option favorites. Thus, in terms of the provision of healthy food choices, both restaurants are keen to providing their clientele with healthy menu choices (Choi & Ruona, 2011).

While Wendys has in a recents past chosen a healthy menu, McDonalds only just recently started offering healthy meal choices. However, today, McDonalds offers a wide range of healthy options, which include fruit, yogurt parfait, this is a combination of all natural ingredients, which constitutes only about 2.1 grams unsaturated fat. In various locations, McDonalds x, serves green apple slices also embellish the kids menu alternative. McDonalds current change to improved healthy sandwich choices also transfers its menu of various providing luscious choices. These lighter choices vary in fat content between around 4.1 grams to 6.4 grams. This is noticeably lower than the McDonalds Big Mac, which possesses more than 33 grams (Choi & Ruona, 2011).

Wendys not only brags of exceptional healthy meals, but also its high-class presentation of these meals. Its salads are large and fresh with abundant toppings sized suitably. Its salads have only one limitation; they leave a lot of water at the bottom of the bowl. This happens especially in salads that use iceberg lettuce, and the excess water at times dilutes the salad dressing. This, however, is a minor inconvenience when compared with the blemishes of McDonalds salads.

McDonald fails at ensuring a superior presentation of their healthy foods. Their salads fail in not only appearance, but in their freshness as well. They often seem wilted and thrown together. Their chicken pieces, for instance, in their Garden and Caesar selection, are not correctly sized and a customer would need the further slicing for their easier consumption. Eating their salads without a knife can be a challenging task. Though their salads are fairly water free, their toppings are sparse. All in all, McDonalds salads lack of a consistent, fresh, and visual appeal (Everill et al 1995).

Wendys varieties of tasty salads have become a popular choice for many people. This can be attributed to the fact that Wendys was the first major fast food chain to provide fast food salad as a meals main course. Side salads have, however, existed at Wendys, but they have never been large or varied like the novel Garden Sensations salads that are present today. Moreover, Wendys offers four salad options ranging in fat content of 3 grams to 30 grams depending on the salad toppings. This variety, as well as the better quality has aided Wendys in establishing a marvelous reputation. McDonalds is trying to match up with the standards of Wendys by also offering healthy salad main course meal choices today. The fat content of its meals and salads is now comparable to those at Wendys. It is now boasting of a range of variety of decent and delicious salads (Everill et al 1995).

The variety of salad choices, the variety of meals, as well as their presentation are considered when, according a reputation to a fast food restaurant. People consistently pursue easy ways of gaining nourishment; this is because of their tight and busy work or school schedules. Availing healthy foods at Wendys or McDonald is, therefore, in the interest of peoples health. Moreover, people around the world have become keen on their weights and many are fighting obesity. It is thus inevitable that fast food restaurants such as those in Canada will have to raise the quantities of the healthy meals and salads they offer (Everill et al. 1995).


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