The Change of Climate Essay Sample

Published: 2022-10-21
The Change of Climate Essay Sample
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Climate change is basically described as the change in the climatic conditions of earth regions which are recorded over a long period of time despite the conditions leading to the change. There are various causes of climatic change which include human causes as well as natural causes. Deductively, an unnatural climate change insinuates surface temperature increases while natural change fuses a far-reaching temperature help and everything else that growing ozone draining substance levels impact. The change is substantially more clear over a shorter day and age - diverged from ordinary temperatures someplace in the scope of 1961 and 1990, 2017 was 0.68 degrees more blazing, while 2016 was 0.8 degrees more smoking, because of an extra lift from the typically happening El Nino atmosphere framework. Scientists have explained that there is the possibility of a further rise of the ground temperatures as a result of the greenhouse effect as a result of environmental pollution. While this temperature augmentation is even more especially insinuated as an overall temperature adjustment, natural change is the term at present bolstered by science communicators, as it unequivocally fuses not solely Earth's growing overall ordinary temperature, yet what's more the climate impacts caused by this expansion. There are certain actions that should be taken by people living on earth in the effort of reducing the change in climate but then, some of the climatic changes influenced by the natural factors might be hard to control. However, the natural factors do not make up the higher percentage of climatic change and therefore, if the human factors are controlled, there is the possibility to drop the climatic changes eventually. The following discussion, therefore, explains why human activities contribute more to the change in climate over time as compared to the natural causes of the change.

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First and foremost, it is important to understand that globalization has affected the manner in which the activities of people have been carried out. Globalization has led to more human inventions which carry along negative influences such as environmental pollution (Schaller, Nathalie, et al, 2016). The effects that are brought about by the climatic change affect both the human population as well as other living things on earth. Globalization is at present making a plenitude of apparently never-ending nursery gasses that not in any way like water vapor don't scatter in view of temperature increases, realizing a procedure with an improvement of warmth. The Intergovernmental Board on Environmental Change (IPCC), which is the board that includes many scientists from different countries accords the globe joined hand in the effort of explaining the drastic phenomena of the climatic change. During the discussions that were held in the United States, it was clear that when nature takes its hand, there might be little left to be done. There are various activities that are carried out by people which lead to the change in the environmental conditions as explained below. First and foremost, there is the deforestation problem that involves the cutting down of trees without necessarily replacing them. The trees are responsible for the control of CO2 in the atmosphere where the increasing volume of the gas leads to the destruction of the ozone layer. This means that the absence of trees in the environment leads to the accumulation of gas in the atmosphere and eventually, there are the consequent results. There are various reasons for people to cut down trees but the consequent results weigh down all the reasons behind this activity. This means that there is a way to balance the process by replacing the trees once cut down. The environmental organizations that have rules which cut across all the nations explain that there are procedures as well as guidelines that should be used and which should be followed to ensure that there is the required number of trees and forests to deal with the situation. Secondly, fossil energy which is an important resource to human beings especially in the present era of technology has contributed greatly to the change in the global climate as explained by scientists. Fossil energy leads to the emission of carbon as well as other harmful materials to the environment which in turns leads to the destruction of the ozone layer. The ozone layer is a protector of earth against the harmful atmospheric substances and therefore when tampered with, there will be minimal protection against the substances and thus exposing humanity to unexpected problems. Therefore, the emission of carbon and other harmful material in the air will definitely lead to the gradual depletion of the ozone layer. The ultimate harm that is caused by the destruction of the ozone layer is the rise in temperatures on the earth surface. The rise in temperatures results to the increasing water levels as a result of the melting ice. When the water levels in the oceans and other water bodies rise, there is the minimization of land that the people occupy. In addition, there is the possibility of flooding which directly affects the human beings directly as seen in the coastal regions of Asia. Drier atmosphere infers that boondocks in a couple of regions are never again recovering from wild flames and characteristic life living spaces far and wide are ending up less neighborly to animals. The overall atmosphere is foreseen to continue changing over this century and past. The degree of natural change past an accompanying couple of decades depends basically on the proportion of warmth getting gases delivered completely, and how unstable the World's air is to those spreads. There is the waste disposal that also influences the change in climate as a result of environmental pollution (Steffen, Will, et al, 2015). A mentioned earlier in the discussion, globalization has played a big part in the industrial revolution. Therefore, there are companies that have emerged with the production of various products in order to post a competition to the market. In the process of making the products, there are the waste products that are produced as well. The waste products are supposed to be disposed of appropriately as required by the national and international laws. However, some of the industries have a poor disposal method of these waste products including the gases (Trenberth, Kevin E., John T. Fasullo, and Theodore G. Shepherd 2015). The accumulation of these waste materials on the earth surface and the atmosphere lead to the change in the climatic conditions of the globe at large. The changes of the climatic conditions include the acid rain that is very harmful to the human skill as well as dangerous to the land and sea creatures.

On the other hand, there are climatic changes that are caused by the natural factors might be hard to control by the human but there are indirect means to address the situation. The frequent eruption of volcanos leads to the deposition of the harmful substances to the environment some which are not scientifically explained to the present times (Kelley, Colin P., et al, 2015). In the effort of evading the consequences of the erupting volcanoes, people tend to move to safer regions and therefore leaving the places under the possible danger even more dangerous. It is important to realize that the presence of mountains is also accompanied by the presence of forests and therefore there is the tendency of the trees getting destroyed during the process( Anthony, Edward J., Nick Marriner, and Christophe Morhange, 2014 336-361). This means that there is the bigger percentage of the area that has been covered by trees which get destroyed as a result. There are double processes that are involved where there is the permanent coverage of trees by magma which means that there is the very low likelihood of replacing the trees that have been cut. The process is similar to the human influences where there is the cut of trees without the replacement of more.

The discussion above has b explained the factors that have influenced the change in climate over the years. In the discussion, it is clear that human factors can be controlled while the natural factors are hard to take charge. In addition, it is clear that human factors are the major contributors to the climatic change as a result of industrialization as well as globalization. In the effort of explaining the situation, there are case situations that have been incorporated in the discussion to show the human influence and a good example is the ocean overflow that has been experienced in the Asian coasts.

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