Free Essay Example: Website Annotation

Published: 2019-10-31 21:18:15
Free Essay Example: Website Annotation
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The purpose of this article is to do website annotation of two different website sources. In Rahuls Saigal web tutorial A real intellectual is supposed to react or express views when he or she reads something. This topic is important so as to have an in-depth understanding of a particular source of readership and appreciate and acknowledge the effort of a writer. According to American Heritage web Dictionary of the English Language, web annotation is the process by which an individual furnishes critical commentary or explanatory notes after reading an article or document. Web annotation is the process of adding notes to explain or expound on something especially of some literary work (Collins English web Dictionary). To elaborate this, the following two web sources will be my main focus:

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As pertains to the first source, the site contains a publication in pdf format of a Yale University professor on a research done on the effects of language on economic behavior with evidence sourced from savings rate, health behaviors and retirement assets. The article provides information to try and persuade readers on certain issues as already mentioned. The intended audiences are economists, students, management technocrats, researches, and business analysts. The article covers various information on data sources and analysis, citations and references, footnotes, formulae on data collection, coding, charts, tables and appendices. He argues that there is evidence beyond reasonable doubt that different languages have varied personal economic effects which he presents in form of data analysis. The presenter is an expert in the same field hence the information is reliable and objective. The second web source is web publication by Craig John Franck on the various risks a business goes through and ways through which the same can be managed. He tries to persuade us that each business is exposed to various risks with the target audience being entrepreneurs, students and scholars. Arguments are made on the various risk aspects businesses go through and how they can be tackled or avoided. It is well cited and referenced and is presented in form of a read only document with multiple views and analysis and is reliable as it is posted on the website portal of Atlantic International University.

Based on all the above discussion, I have realized that publications, journals and research publications are more resourceful than say dictionaries, newspapers and videos since the source of information in them is backed by a credible source. This has also prompted me to hold in high regard such articles.

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