Essay Sample on Supervision of Human Resource

Published: 2023-01-18
Essay Sample on Supervision of Human Resource
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The principal objective of any organization is to achieve its set goal by making a maximum profit as well as becoming of all. However, the success of any organization is determined by several factors. These factors are both internal and external, for instance, the stiff competition it is facing, the workers' efforts, and the management, among others (Meyer & Xin 2018). More so, the relationship between the HR and the Operation of the organization dramatically affects the success of the business.

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The "C sessions" plan is very significant to any organization Reilly (2018). The policy ensures that the organization has a person on their finger point who can be promoted to assume the company's leadership position. In other words, the company has a person in the organization who can take a leadership position where need be. In other words, the plan ensures that there is a person to take the leadership position in case the current leader resigns or leaves the organization. This eliminates any gap that may arise in the leadership position of the organization.

On the hand, the plan gives employees the motivation to work harder. Motivation is as a result of the reward of providing leadership opportunity to the best workers. This, therefore, offers workers a motive to give in the company to their best. According to Reilly (2018), the handwork by the employees leads to competition among themselves since each of them wants to be the best, which in turn promotes the achievement of the company's goals.

Companies having talent development practices different from the "C-Session model should put the Mission, Values as well as Strategy of the business transparent to ensure strong alignment between the HR and the Missions and values of the organization. A mission and cost are vital to any organization since it puts clear the goal of the company Oseghale et al. (2018). The company should, therefore, ensure that the HR understands the mission and the values of the company to enable him or her to determine the strategies to take to ensure the success of the organization.

In conclusion, there are many things to be put in place to ensure the continued success of any organization. On important point is ensuring that there is always a successor to take the top leadership position. More so, the relationship between the HR and the stakeholders in the company should be put in place.


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