Weathering Essay Example

Published: 2019-06-14
Weathering Essay Example
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Weathering is the process by which the overall process that the rocks are disintegrated on the Earth surface to form the silts or sediments and constituents that are mixed with water. The entire process of weathering starts when tectonic forces uplift the surface of the earth. The forces comprise the physical and chemical decomposition of uncovered rocks by weathering, the loosely attached rock wreckages and the modifications of the end products are ferried way through erosion (Gifford, 2005).

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What determines the resistance of silicate minerals to weather rates?

The resistance of the silicate minerals depends on the properties of the parent rock. This is the mineral content and the shape of the rock that will decide the vulnerability to weathering. Distinct minerals get destroyed in different proportions. The mafic silicates, for instance, the olivine and the pyroxene have a habit of weathering much quicker as compared to the felsic minerals, for example, the quartz and feldspar. Other minerals portray the diverse amount of solubility when in contact with water proving that some minerals can mix voluntarily. Other factors that affect the resistance of silicate minerals are,

Climate: the amount of rainfall and the weather condition can affect the degree experienced by the weathering of rocks. Too much rainfall and extreme temperatures elevate the weathering rates.

Soil: Soils distresses the degree that the rock weathers in that when it stores water, the rocks being covered by the soil comes in contact with the chemicals hence allowing a reaction with the rock hence weathering takes place.

The length of exposure: When the rock is exposed to too many causative effects of weathering, the higher the rate of variation, disbanding and the corporeal disintegration.

Explain why joints and other fractures in rock are important in weathering process?

The joints found on the surfaces of the rocks are important since it helps to the progress of natural resources, the benign technique of edifices and the safeguard of the environment. Joints have a reflective regulator of weathering and destruction of the substratum. The joints apply a solid control on the manner in which the geography and the morphology of the background progress. Understanding the indigenous and the regional dispersal, physical charisma, and the source of joints are the substantial section of getting to know the geology and geomorphology of a particular locality. Joints help in the circulation of water in the soil. The more the joints in the rock, the more the water to be circulated in the ground hence whenever there are more cracked joints on the rocks, there is an indication that water circulation will be in excessive.

Weathering is detrimental to the environment and society why and why not?

Weathering harms national landmarks, memorable structures and points of interest. It reasons rust, breaks, disintegrating and different flaws to stone, and marble, wood and different materials. Mechanical weathering breaks rocks into tiny pieces. Temperature change causes warm mass on rocks as they grow and contract, which prompts disintegrating and splits shaping. Water gathers inside these splits and after that stops, bringing on additional harm. In a similar scenario, saltwater takes shape and makes more cracks. Plants grow through the splits and creatures delve in the dirt, further breaking separated and dislodging structures. The chemical processes, similar to the oxidation of iron, cause unattractive rust. Carbonic corrosive, an aftereffect of carbon dioxide blending with water, breaks up limestone. Corrosive rain additionally wears out the stone.


Gifford, C. (2005). Weathering and erosion. London: Evans.

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