Walmart: America's Favorite Shopping Destination - Paper Sample

Published: 2023-11-09
Walmart: America's Favorite Shopping Destination - Paper Sample
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Walmart is an international company having over 4750 stores in the United States hence making it one of the leading business companies in the states. With many stores located in different localities around the country, around 138 million consumers visit the stores to purchase their goods every week. About 82% of American citizens buy a product of this company at least every year meaning Americans like their products. American citizens always acquire products from this company at an affordable price. With a brief explanation of Walmart, the section requires us to discuss some of the methodological frameworks that I would use to demonstrate that Walmart an American based company would perform well in the years to come. We don’t know what future entails but we can use theories or even hypotheses to at least foresee what might occur in the future. Some of these models include consumer’s lifetime value theory, predictive maintenance theory, customer division model, and quality assurance theory.

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Consumer’s lifetime value theory elaborates on how the buyers who are Walmart’s customers are highly expected to invest in the products as well as services by purchasing them so that the company can continue to prosper daily. When Walmart’s clients are loyal to the company it will always prosper. Secondly is the predictive maintenance approach which mainly estimates how the company Walmart might be in the future. Meaning with the current statistics that the company has, the company owners can at least estimate how things would be in years to come.

On the other hand, the customer’s division approach views the current purchasing behavior of the customers as well as their characteristics to predict their future behavior. With this, the company’s directors will be able to come up with what the consumers might like in the future. Whereas quality assurance mainly focuses on spotting as well as preventing any issue that might arise to ruin the success of the company and force the Walmart company to use extra cash during the production of goods plus services to its customers.

Policy Recommendations

The policy recommendation is written policy advice set towards a given group or an individual who has the power to come up or influence policy choices. The individuals with the power to be able to come up with these policies or changes in an organization (Walmart) include the owners of the company through following the companies’ constitution as well as the laws of the country they are in this instance the United States. Any changes they make might affect the company positively or negatively though they always carry out all this hoping that the decisions they make will bring positive results. Therefore, Walmart customers have to be informed about the policies that the company is coming up with so that they cannot go against any of the recommended policy. The owners of Walmart Company will always come up with policies concerning the current situations that the company is experiencing. Some of the recommended policies can include, government relations, coupon policy as well as world anti-corruption policies.

Coupon Policy

Coupon policy mainly applies to all properties that are owned by Walmart Company or all the companies operations in the United States. The policy was made on the 10th of November 2017. Under the coupon policy, we have the policy of manufacturing coupons which has enabled the company’s customers to save some cash as well as live a good life. The company has made this possible by accepting the valid manufacturer’s paper coupons that are issued by the product manufacturers that Walmart Company sells (Eber, Walocko, Tsatalis, Perper, Cervantes, Choragudi& Nouri, 2017). The coupons must be scanned to ensure that they are not expired. Guidelines that the company follow to accept the coupons include, accepting only one coupon paper per item from the manufacturer, there are information’s that must be printed on the coupons such as manufacturer coupon, valid billing address. Another guideline is that all coupons are to be presented to the cashier at the period of purchase.

Policy of Government Relation

The recommended policy mainly applies to every associate working for Walmart Company as well as its branches in America. The company’s management department concerned with relations (the country's government relation, government relation as well as the public affairs) coordinates all the interactions in the company in-coordination with the elected officials as well as the legislative plus regulatory bodies at the local, federal and state levels. With the levels working together a strong relationship will be made hence appropriate management. Therefore, all the conversations as well as engagements are supposed to be done in coordination with all the levels so that no one is left out. Any associate who wants to represent Walmart in any corporate position or even political matters is required to seek direction from the government relation before articulating the views.

Anti-corruption Policies in the Globe

Walmart Company as other companies are required to maintain ethical standards at the highest level and follow all the laws placed to govern the companies in the United States. All its workers, leaders, associates, directors, and agents are required to follow all the protocols and avoid any corrupt acts (Wintemute, 2019). Meaning they should avoid corrupt acts such as corrupt payments. They are required to avoid this at all means when weather dealing with anyone even if he or she is a government official or even people from the private sectors.

Therefore, the company Walmart must comply with all the ant-corruption regulations. The recommendation assists the company’s individuals to desist from any corrupt act so that the reputation of the company cannot be ruined.


Walmart as a company in the United States is a diverse company engaging in the sale of different commodities such as beauty products, groceries, furniture, hardware, and sports equipment as well as health goods. With their diversity in the sales industry, there must be policies that are recommended by a team of experts that guide the entire company in whatever they engage in so that they cannot be misled at any point. The policies act as rules for the company.


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