Wabash Community Health Center Case

Published: 2022-12-15
Wabash Community Health Center Case
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Every community health center suffers different managerial issues which not only affect the system but also delays the processes which are used to strengthen the workforce. Most members are sensitized towards remarkable approaches to ensure that goals and objectives of such centers are addressed amicably with focus on the recruitment, selection and retention procedures. Most human resource consultants from the Community Health Center require massive competency is addressing all the issues which are pertinent for the success of the case study of the organization. However, in advising on the recruitment procedures, the specific question must be addressed concerning the job requirements and choice. This paper examines issues affecting the Wabash Community Health Center Case.

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Main Issues Affecting Human Resource in the Case

The human resource at Wabash Community Health Center undergoes massive problems with interferes with its concrete workforce. The main issues include the recruitments process. No proper alternative approaches are given to filling jobs such as flexible staffing, outsourcing as well as the contingent worker. As a result, most people shy off from applying for such jobs.

Similarly, human resources were affected by poor information channeling. Poor storage and delivery information hindered applicant tracking for future postings. Inadequate tools to obtain the needed information for job application such as medical inquiries, personal test, and language proficiency was equally messed overall, lack of proper interview process made the department passive (Cloutier et al. 2015). However provision of job security reduces incidences of rapid job quitting by employees.

Considerations in Hiring Keith

While hiring Keith, Kathleen needed to consider all the required qualification for the job. Similarly, background knowledge of his skills and abilities must be considered. All applicants being considered for a specific position in a given faculty must display enough evidence of competency. Their qualifications must be in line with the job requirements to help in maximizing the goals and objectives of the position they are supposed to occupy. Moreover, Keith must all be fit, approachable and moderate in decision making.

Considerations in Hiring CMO and Linda

On the other hand, while hiring CMO for any given positions; the human resource must consider the following issues. The CMO must be valuable; his retention and performance information must be adhered to, challenges and responsibilities, job security among others. It rational to have such basic but needed information to reduce incidences of mix-ups during interviews. Similarly, only Linda's case Kathleen must ensure that she has all the qualifications which are needed for the success of the health center. Linda must be fit, sound, flexible, innovative and able to adapt to all conditions that might be available for the success of the center. Generally, such consideration enables the human resource manager to generate a comprehensive pool of qualified workforce.

Recommendations for Future Recruitment and Selection Process

To maximize recruitment, selection and retention process the human resource must generate a concrete pool for only qualified job applicants. All the ranges regarding the process must be well outlined with a mild focus on the fitness and technical qualifications of the applicants concerning the culture being embraced in the organization (Lievens, 2015). Similarly, all factors affecting job choice such as attractiveness of the organization and the advertised as well as the behavior and attitude of recruiter need to be addressed before the mission commenced. As people vary on taste and preference, this reduces misconceptions based on the individual factor (Barriball et al., 2015). Overall, for successful recruitment in the future, human resource must consider the following opportunities to improve the process. Information, application procedures and interview requirements must be availed in good time with all factors rationed towards a specific goal. The recruiter must be advised accordingly before initiating the process to make the process interesting.


The human resource of every health center must be destined for employing qualified personnel. All the selection and recruitment process must be considered and qualifications amicably addressed. Similarly, the manager must be focused on changing some old approaches to retain a stable and qualified team.


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