Free Essay Example - Responses to Students

Published: 2023-11-24
Free Essay Example - Responses to Students
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Response to Student 1: Matilda Kudaya

Matilda Kudaya adequately addresses the need to have a cordial relationship with the customers by making it easy for the customers to reach the company, Zappos, and interact with them. Zappos enhances this through its social media platform and having its contacts readily available on the company's website. To achieve customer services Zappos utilizes the data at its disposal to understand the customer needs and make them feel valued (Kopelman, Chiou, Lipani & Zhu, 2012). Analysis of customer needs is, therefore, crucial for its success.

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The company utilizes its resources to ensure the data relating to the history of the clients are stored and can easily be retrieved in the future. Through the data gain, the company has been able to develop marketing strategies and determine the products to recommend to the customers. The negative reviews are also being utilized by the organization to improve on key areas, causing a dent to the organization (Serota & Rockwell, 2010). Matilda's work at the pension trust company is a clear manifestation of how data can be used effectively to enhance the customer experience.

Response to Student 2: Rama Krishna Gaddipati

Rama Krishna's deep insight clearly shows how Zappos has data to stay ahead of the competitors in the clothing and fashion industry. Through the data that involves customer history, the company has been able to develop loyalty programs and develop its marketing relationship through the use of data-driven algorithms. Through the algorithms, the company can establish the customer’s needs even prior to making the purchase (Brown, 2013).

The success of the organization goes hand in hand with the ability of the company to utilize the data at its disposal to enhance the consumers' experience. The data-driven company deploys its analytics to effectively stay ahead of others in the market (Park, Lee & Han, 2007). The data analysis is, therefore, crucial in solving organizational problems and helping organizations predict future trends hence staying ahead of others.


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