Essay Sample: VOC Content Minus Water and Exempt Solvent

Published: 2022-07-25
Essay Sample: VOC Content Minus Water and Exempt Solvent
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Government legislation such as the 30 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) under its section 115 and the subsection E have very stringent requirements on all forms of coating (IntraWEB, 2014; TCEQ, 2011). As such, the knowledge of computing the VOC content of all coatings minus the water content with the exemption of solvent (ES) can help ascertain coating policies compliance (TCEQ, 2011). To compute a single-component coating with less water as well as with exemption of solvent can be computed as follows.

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The formula of VOC pounds per a gallon of coating = ( - es)

The Wv is the total weight of the VOC expressed in pounds that is contained in a total of Vm gallons of the identified coating. In this case, Vm is the overall volume of coating that has been assumed to be 1 gallon. Additionally, Vw is the sum volume of water expressed in gallons, which is contained in Vm gallons of the available coating.

Step 1: Ascertain water volume for a gallon of coating using the formula below.

3.47 lb VOC/gal 22 gal/day = 76.34 lb VOC/day

Step 2: Execute a multiplication of 4 pounds VOC/gallon with 6 gallons/day to attain 24 pounds VOC/day for the coating.

4.00 lb VOC/gal 6.0 gal/day = 24.00 lb VOC/day

Step 3: Perform a multiplication of 2.52 pounds of the available VOC /gallon by a total of 5 gallons/day to obtain12.6 pounds of the stated VOC/day.

2.52 lb VOC/gal 5.0 gal/day=12.6 lb VOC/day

Step 4: Lastly, sum all the values to attain the VOC totals expressed in pounds.

76.34 lb VOC/day + 24.00 lb VOC/day + 12.6 lb VOC/day= 112.94 lb VOC/day

Step 5: Perform a division of the total pounds/day with the sum number if gallons employed in a day to ascertain the VOC pounds of a gallon of coating.

112.94 lb/day day/33.0 gal = 3.42 lb VOC/gal

Heaters as Well as Ovens Combustion Emissions

Based on the provided data, the drying oven will be fired at a rate of 2.1 MMBtu/hr, that is curing the interior liners at a maximum usage of a total of 2500 hours per annum. Additionally, by using the emission factors featured on the EPA's website, the hourly/short-term emissions and the long-term/annual can be computed (TCEQ, 2011). In this case, to obtain the short-term/hourly emissions, the emission factor of the whole contaminant should be multiplied by the 1/heating value of the stated fuel and then multiplied by the firing rate.

Long-term emissions can be determined by multiplying the short-term emission (lb/hr.) by the annual hours of operation (hr./yr.) and then divide by (2,000 lb) for conversion to tons to attain annual emissions (TCEQ, 2011). Additionally, nitrous oxide (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter (PM), volatile organic compounds (VOC) as well as Sulphur dioxide (SO2) can be computed as follows.


NOx - (100 lb NOx MMsef) x (scf 1020 Btu) x (2.1 MMBtu hour) = 0.206 lb

CO - (84 lb CO MMsef) x (scf 1020 Btu) x (2.1 MMBtu hr) = 1.173 lb CO hr

PM - (7.6 lb PM/MMsef) x (scf/1020Btu) x (2.1 MMBtu/hr) = 0.016 lb PM/hr

VOC - (5.5 lb VOC/MMsef) x (scf/1020Btu) x (2.1 MMBtu/hr) = 0.011 lb VOC/hr

SO2 - (0.6 lb SO2/MMsef) x (scf/1020Btu) x (2.1 MMBtu/hr) = 0.001 lb SO2/hr


NO - 0.206 lb NOx/hour x 2500/year x 1ton/2000 lb = 0.257-ton NOx/year

CO - 0.173 lb CO/hour x 2500/year x 1ton/2000 lb = 0.216-ton CO/year

PM - 0.016 lb PM/hour x 2500/year x 1ton/2000lb = 0.020 ton PM/year

VOC - 0.011 lb VOC/hour x 2500/year x 1ton/2000lb = 0.014 ton VOC/years

SO2 - 0.001 lb SO2/hour 2500hour/year 1 ton/2000 lb = 0.0013 SO2/Year


IntraWEB. (2014). Title 40 Protection of Environment Part 52 ( 52.2020 to end of part 52) (Revised as of July 1, 2013): 40-CFR-Vol-5. New York: IntraWEB, LLC.

TCEQ. (2011). Surface Coating Facilities: A Guide for Obtaining Air Authorization in Texas. TCEQ Regulatory Guidance: Small Business and Environmental Assistance Division, 2-36.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. (2011). Surface Coating Facilities: A guide for obtaining air authorization in Texas. Retrieved from

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