God and His Attributes, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-24
God and His Attributes, Free Essay Sample
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In atheist believed, God is considered to have the following significant attributes,

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God is omnipresent, faithful, morally good, omnipotent, omniscient and immutable: God does not change over time (Horton 4)

Question 2: Contradictions in the attributes

God cannot make choices because of his benevolence and omniscience nature. These two attributes imply that God has no free will which brings a contradiction because God the destiny of people.

If God is entirely benevolent and morally good, then there should be no natural disasters. The existence of natural disasters contradicts the notion thats god is utterly good. Because if God was entirely good then bad things will have never occurred to his people.(Cusack 8).

If God is all-powerful, there is no need for Him to reassert credentials. The omniscient nature of God does not require him to affirm that he is truly very powerful. However they are various accounts well good reminds people about how powerful he is. (Crash Course).

Question 3: How to solve the contradictions in the attributes

Aquinas insists that God cannot contradict Himself and it is through faith and following his teachings that we can overcome this uncertainty (Bowden 12).

Question 4-5: How enlightenment challenges God

Enlightenment has made the contemporary society question the existence of God because it cannot be scientifically proven. The modern way of life is built on scientific ideas which are proven and observed. On the contrary, the concept about the existence of god based on ideas that intangible which makes it hard for people to accent (McCormick).

The influence of science implies that there is no place for God and enlightenment to exist together. Good idea about enlightenment is the discovery idea that are practical and observable two human beings. However, this is not the case with the existence of God. The existence of God is purely based on belief which is no room for the existence of not seen and those that we can interact with (O'Connor 5).

Question 6: My point of view on enlightenment and God

I believe that enlightenment can exist alongside God. In my point of view, the whole idea of enlightenment involves the discovery of the works of God. On the other hand, science is all about discovering the works of God because science studies things that already existed. Therefore, enlightenment they exist together God as a tool describing the work and attributes of God.

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