Free Essay on Volunteered Community Service

Published: 2018-01-30
Free Essay on Volunteered Community Service
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Volunteering is an act of giving, helping others and taking part in activities which improve the living standards of an individual or the community as a whole. It involves giving your time to a good cause. For some time now people have formed a tendency of placing a monetary value on voluntary work. However, according to Albert Einstein, not everything that counts can be measured and not everything that can be counted, counts (Kochevar 2). Einstein’s statement suggests that it is impossible to quantify the importance of volunteering and in case you do it the measurement is likely to be incomplete. Therefore, volunteering is not about money but promoting commendable activities in the society. Some will participate in voluntary work to gain experience, have fun, and build links with organizations, for training purposes among other reasons. However, in a group of volunteers, they are skills leadership qualities and experiences that make one outstanding among the rest. While participating in a hand-on-service with members of a local habitat for humanity, I realized that some personal qualities and skills added value to my participation.

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The desire to learn from a new environment helps to acquire more skills, especially from other people. During voluntary services, one acquires chances to interact with people from different fields. A keen person will learn from their professions and it acts as an eye opener. Integrating different ideologies may lead to the formulation of a super solution to a challenging situation. Nevertheless, this will only work for those people who have active listening skills as one has to give other people a chance to express their views.

As a volunteer, one is driven by a desire to transform lives of people in need. For instance, Habitat for Humanity aims at creating an opportunity for a needy family and child through affordable homeownership. One can learn that charity work is not designed to make profits and people who take part in such activities are not paid for their services. Therefore, unless you are passionate about giving and making a difference in the society, you will find the work unattractive. As a leader, one feels satisfied if one of your team members has advanced under your care. Helping the needy in the community is not different as it is satisfying witnessing a child prosper after impacting his or her life positively.

Today our communities comprise of people from various cultural backgrounds. Therefore, there are different people with varying norms but having a common goal. For one to work with other volunteers, you must appreciate and tolerate other people's cultures (Kochevar 2). In leadership, somebody may term it as managing relationship which is a key value of teamwork. Personally, participating in community work helps me to acquire skills on how to handle arising issues in our society. Also, my love for helping people and making the world a better place with equal opportunities for everyone influences my decision on participating in the voluntary group. I cannot stop appreciating how the society has affected my life. Therefore, I feel obliged to give back by helping and creating connections with other people. In conclusion, every time I participate in community work I feel satisfied and my driving words are to remain a productive member of any group I have to portray excellent interpersonal skills which dictate how I interact with others.

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