Free Essay: Tactical and Operation Strategies That St Joseph General Hospital Can Use

Published: 2022-08-01
Free Essay: Tactical and Operation Strategies That St Joseph General Hospital Can Use
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When looking at the tactical components which can be used in the process one of the methods that can be used in the process. Is the introduction of modern technology within St Joseph's general hospital? The essence of technology in the process would be creating a platform where the production process of the hospital will be improved in the process (Abdelhak et al. 2014). In this case, one must realize the possible tactical risks in the process. One of the risks is the cost of purchasing the new technology which will be used. Another method that can be used in the case is marketing the hospital as a product. In this case, it will be aligning with the strategic objective which aims at maximizing the individual and collective capacity of the hospital (Goetsch, & Davis, 2014). The next method that can be used is increasing the number of staffs in the hospital which will be used in the process of creating a safety-focused culture to keep every patient safe. With this in mind, one thing that can be identified is that the focus is on dealing with the process of achieving the tactical aspect that can be used in its development by the end. With this, a clear understanding of the different component becomes a reality.

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The operational objectives that can be used in the case include one is creating a system where the hospital tries to create awareness of its existence. In this case, the focus is making sure that it is marketing itself at the community background. The second method that can be used in the case is creating a platform where staffs are given the opportunity to make a democratic decision and have been used when making any given decision at the end of the day. It is the only way of making sure that everything is working accordingly (Chienwittayakun, & Mankin, 2015). The third objective that can be used is improved the patient experience. One of the methods that can be used is using innovation and creating the required hubs in the process where patients can feel that they have been given the best service. The next operation strategy that can be used is cultivating informed leadership. In this case, the process can be created by selecting the best staffs and workers who can give the patient some extra value by the end Chienwittayakun, & Mankin, 2015). The employees who are hired should be innovative thinkers who can bring substantive components to the St Joseph's hospital development at the end of the day.

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The organization has an entire of objects that through there compassionate staff ensure that they deliver healthcare with compassion and kindness that is by ensuring that stuff to the patient relationship and etiquette s fostered upon. Safety is prudent for the healthcare as they will ensure that its patients are protected from both internal and external to any forms of unsafety that may rise (Knight, & Blackburn 2017). The entire staff is entitled to periodic training that enables them to have new skills that they use in ensuring that they are highly equipped with the skills that are necessary for them to offer test services to the patients Or the organization to ensure that they apply innovation in various department, they will be able to achieve it through consultation from experts and other organizations that are far much ahead beyond them. The consultation will enable them to apply the expert opinion that will boost their innovation levels to bring positive impacts to the organization (Knight, & Blackburn 2017).


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