Free Essay Example: Service Happenstance

Published: 2023-01-04
Free Essay Example: Service Happenstance
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The best experience in any institutions that leads to it being liked by many people is providing the best service especially at the reception. Customers are the valuable asset of any industry since they are the ones that purchases the services provided by that particular company. Poor service delivery to such customers will mean that the company will have reduced sales since the customers will opt to be serviced by other industries that offer the same services. Each company therefore tries to make sure that they customers get good services by giving the customers a chance to give a feedback of the way they rate the service provision for purposes of altering any challenge to meet the customers' expectations. This paper evaluates service provision in St James' Park in Newcastle during a rugby match event where Saracens won the European champion for the third time.

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On 12th May 14, 2019 I visited St James' Park in Newcastle to watch a final match between Saracens and Leinster in which Saracens won 20-10 (Cantillon 2019). The industry category of the event is sports. I had purchased the ticket for the game online and thus I went to collect the ticket using the purchase code. At one point during my ticket application, I did not know how I was to transact the money and therefore I made a call to the customer service department for inquiries. It was early in the morning but my call was picked up without delay and the voice that responded was full of humility and willingness to help. The respondent greeted me before introducing herself, thanked me for calling and asked how I wanted to be helped. I was then slowly directed on how I was to go through the ticket buying procedure until I was able to get it. The respondent even went ahead and told me that there were discounts on the tickets and I was able to save some cash for snacks ( 2019). Towards the end of the call the respondent requested if there is way I wanted their services to be adjusted to meet my needs but I said I was so far contented. The reason I chose to interact with St James' Park was because I was not going to miss watching such a fantastic game that was going to be played at their grounds.

The employee's competence was excellent since I received the assistance that I needed. All the questions that I asked were well highlighted and correctly answered to my satisfaction. The employee even went ahead to describe other services that are offered the stadium and the direction of the stand I had paid for. She told that in case I changed my mind on watching the game or rather something happened and I missed the match then there was ticket refund. St. James' Park stadium provides best services in sports according to my evaluation. The services are delivered on time and there no hesitation in service delivery ( 2019). Moreover, St. James' Park website is easily accessible and it is easier to get information on the website. Purchasing the ticket involved a few typical steps. On a scale of 1-5 of service delivery, I would rate St. James Park on a scale of 4. The employees are working their best way possible to make sure that all their customers enjoy their services. Importantly, the workers are polite to the supporters and willing to tackle all the inquiries posted to them.

I am most likely to come back to St. James Park due to their excellent hospitality and quick service delivery. The stadium management has taken care of parking areas for vehicles for their supporters and areas for those who are physically challenged. Additionally, the stadium employees do not encourage long-standing and they will insist that you at least skit. The chief takeaway experience from this stadium is the high-level hospitality offered to their supporters. This can be implemented in guest services within the sport industry to encourage high turn out during matches. The supports should be treated with care and concern and all their doubts cleared in addition to giving them services that equal their pay.

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