Free Essay. Violence Against Women Worldwide

Published: 2023-03-26
Free Essay. Violence Against Women Worldwide
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Violence against women has become a global crisis, which has no or knows no boundaries of culture or geography. One in every three women is subject to some form of violence during their lifetime, and this comes from all sectors of society (Sanin, 2020). These include abuse from family members, abuse by the community, and abuse by the law enforcers, among other individuals. Violence against women is done because women are seen as the weaker gender. This is no right as it goes against human rights. Several governmental and nongovernmental organization have been set up to fight gender violence (Yakubovich et al., 2018). However, the issue seems not to be going away any time soon. Violence against women involves both physical, emotional, and sexual. These are crimes that attract a long time in prisons. Several laws and regulations have been drawn to fight the violence against women, although much needs to be done.

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The issue of violence against women is not only affecting the survivors and their families but also a big part of the economic and social costs. In some nations across the globe, violence against women costs the national government about 3.7% of its gross domestic product (Sanin, 2020). In several countries, this is more than what the government spends on education and other essential aspects such as health (Sanin, 2020). Failure to address the issue will result in a bigger problem in the future (Yakubovich et al., 2018). For instance, children who are born and bought up in a violent environment there is a high likelihood that they will be themselves become perpetrators of violence in the near future.

The definition of violence against women recognizes both the psychological and physical threats and harm of both the private and public sphere. Moreover, the description also addresses the gender-based roots of violence. These issues have been affecting women for a long time and governments and other organizations need to come and address the issues (Bervian et al., 2019). Additionally, the problem is affection for all nations and races regardless of the social and economic status.

Moreover, one crucial characteristic of violence against women is that it knows no social or economic boundaries, and it affects girls and women. Therefore, the problem of violence against women should be addressed in both developed and developing nations (Simons & Handl, 2019). To adequately solve the problem, it requires a multi-pronged approach, a community-based approach, and sustained engagement with several stakeholders (Simons & Handl, 2019). Primarily, the most effective and main initiatives to address the underlying risk factors of violence against women include the acceptability of violence and social norms regarding gender roles.

Literature Review


Over the past few decades, the problem of violence against women has increased rapidly to the issues becoming an international concern and action. Several organizations across the globe have become increasingly concerned with the problem, and they have taken the issue as a priority and have come up with some methods of handling the problem (Sanin, 2020). The United Nations (UN) is one of the leading organizations that is fighting against violence against women. The increasing recognition of the importance of doing away with gender-based violence is the subject of four decades of hard work by women to draw attention to the issue (Bervian, da Costa, da Silva, Arboit, & Honnef, 2019).

The Scope and Evolution of the Problem

Recently, more than 200 non-governmental organization (NGOs) have pulled together their resources to fight violence against women (Sanin, 2020). Some of the events the NGOs organize include workshops, creating awareness, providing funding, and demanding a response from the public officials (Sanin, 2020). This is crucial as it helps in preventing the problem from escalating further. The funds provided by these organizations are used to help people who have been affected by the issue. The UN describes violence against women or gender-based violence as any act that results in psychological, sexual, or physical harm to women, including threats, such as arbitrary deprivations or coercion of liberty, whether he acts occurred in privet of public life (Sanin, 2020).

Furthermore, article 2 of the UN Convention states that the definition should not be limited to psychological, sexual, or physical violence occurring in community and family setting including bettering, dowry-related violence, sexual abuse of female children, and other traditional practices that may affect women (Sanin, 2020). Other aspects that the definition includes are violence condoned or perpetrated by the state, forced prostitution, trafficking in women, in an educational institution, intimidation at work, sexual harassment, and violence related to exploitation.

A Primer on Violence Against Women

Violence against women is increasing at an alarming rate, despite the efforts towards eradicating the practice. In the United States, nearly three women are victims of violence against women, which indicates a precise higher value as compared to the level of advancement and legislation in the country. According to the research conducted by (Sanin, 2020), the level of violence against women is at an alarming rate due to the inadequate legislation adopted and implemented by many governments. There is little priority given to cases concerned with the violation of women's rights, increasing the inferiority in the subjects.

The United Nations has been depicted as one of the leading organizations on the war to eradicate violence against women, a step that has received little support from the outside world, despite the effects being visible. On the contrary, the abuse is widely associated with the norms of the society, as well as family members, who help to increase the rates of violence against women across the world.

Health Consequences of Violence Against Women.

Violence against women remains to be on the horizon, despite the increasing awareness from both the government and non-governmental organizations (Koshulko, 2018). The essence of the concept is to increase the demanding awareness as a way of curbing the deranged views held by society. The increasing violence against women has posed a severe health issues, that has profoundly affected my women, across the globe. According to (Sanin, 2020), nearly85% of the reported cases result in aggressive health issues, with 25% of the violence being reported to be sexual harassment and rape. Health consequences of violence affect women from different backgrounds, regardless of their age, or even religion, which has posed a significant challenge when it comes to the concern of health issues.

Psychological torture has been one of the cumbersome situations that women have been forced to endure in their lifetime. Whereas this can be overcome by numerous canceling, there is little effect on the process, as the wounds of the matter are still fresh. According to Yakubovich et al., (2018), psychological torture has been one of the common facts that affect victims of violence. The essence of violation is aimed at intimidating them, not to mention the undermining of women's effort. Despite the legislative enforcement to curb the increased rates of violence against women, little has been enacted, leading to the questioning of the bodies advocating for victims of violence against women.

Violence against women pose a severe mental impairment, and torture, that has forced many women to leave in fear. In the developing mention, especially countries with little value for women, violence against women is on the horizon, which has paved the way for complex health issues (Bervian et al., 2019).

For decades, violence against women has been focused on the research about the refugee across the globe, which represents a fraction of the gross abuse. Most of the study has been focused on the issues affecting the women in these unbearable conditions, yet there has been a series of women reportedly suffering from the york of global violence, which is affecting their social life and health.

Physical torture is one of the standards yet common forms of violence against women. The resulting factor may be associated with domestic violence, yet society has completely turned a blind eye on the matter. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), violence against women is considerably supported and defined by society. Civilization has played a critical role when it comes to the prevention of violence against women, yet there are increasing prevailing issues regarding violence against women.

Insulting, and criticizing of women, are among the common forms of violence against women, that are commonly swept under the floor, due to lack of their magnitude, and effect to the society. Whereas this may be deemed as a light matter, the reality of its impact is evident to the victims. The common side effect associated with these forms of insult is related to social life; which may affect the health of a victim. Women are social, which has been one of their characteristics, since the creation. However, publicly insulting of women, has devastating effects on the health issues of the victims. Among the common, prevailing consequences are the rapid escalation of stress and abrupt miscommunication of the victim, which reduces the growth of her social life. In many cases, women, undergoing this situation, committed suicide due to the increased humiliation and lack of support from the community (Sanin, 2020).

With the increasing immigration over the fewer decades, across the world, the investigation on violence against women seems to be on the horizon, as more in-depth research is conducted on the lifespan of different women. The commonality of the issue from different victims across the globe, is the health scares, that the women are forced to leave within their lifetime. Violence against women is a difficult concept to comprehend, which may vary from one community to the other. Women of the working force are falling victims daily, which has forced them to become victims of abuse and critics. On the contrary, the violation has affected them mentally, leading most of the women to quit their career paths.

Steps Towards Eliminating Violence Against Women

The increased levels of violence against women globally have attracted an array of both governmental and non-governmental organizations to fight against the alarming issue. On the occasion of the international day to eliminate violence against women, there have been numerous concepts implemented to help fight against the increased global violence against women. The UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet outlined a compelling policy agenda that was directed towards the worldwide eradication of violence against women. The increased rate of violence against women has been ushered in by the lack of political will to end the devastating situation. As a result, Ms. Bachelet's global urge is for the world leaders to analyze the effects of the matter critically, and raise to help eradicate violence against women in the face of the world.

The elimination of violence against women has been a debatable factor that has been widely affected by distinctive factors both locally and internationally, which are increasingly insulating the situation. Nevertheless, there are increasing steps towards the fight to ensure that women's rights' are not violated.

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