Essay Sample Dedicated to Venice Boats

Published: 2022-08-30
Essay Sample Dedicated to Venice Boats
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Venice is the capital city of the Veneto region in Northern Italy. Venice is built on islands which are more than one hundred in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. Interestingly, Venice has no roads but just canals with the Grand Canal thoroughfare in inclusion. The Republic of Venice was a major power during the middle ages as well as a most important center of commerce. As a result of the lack of roads in Venice, various types of boats have been invented which are used in the transportation of people as well as various goods from one area to another. This essay will consider more on various boats which are used in Venice.

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Venice government regulates the movement of boats around waters of the city. The main reason for the regulations is to ensure safety is achieved in the transport industry all over the country. Venice boats are also referred to as water taxi and water bus as they only offer services in water. The boats move in a regular timetable meaning that the boat is never far in case needed. The boats are made with comfortable seats which ensure both local citizens and tourist travel in style hence liked by many people. The boats make several stops to load as well as to offload which is viewed the same as a bus on land. The water taxi can only carry a maximum of ten people. Comfortability of the passengers is assured while sailing with Venice boats. The water taxi is mainly suited for passengers hence they can adjust their comfortability freely (2016).

The gondola is a major example of boat used in Venice. It is a traditional boat that sails in Venice canals where it is used for sightseeing. The main drawback of Gondola boats is that it has a very fixed root hence cannot pick or drop people at specific situations rather than the specified situations. However, the boats sail through the lagoon hence making the experience new and magical (2015). Another type of boat is Alaliguna shuttle which is commonly known as the airport ferry. It is a private water boat which provides services in polo airport through the lagoon and Murano which transports a large number of people. Alaliguna shuttle sails in Alaliguna routes which includes the red line, blue line, Green lines as well as orange line (2016).

Paprina is another type of boat which are most refined vessels which derives its name from the shape of the curve upwards which is slightly higher in the bow. It is rowed in the water by a maximum of two people. Paprina boats have a length varying from nine to ten meters and a width that ranges from one meter and twenty centimeters. Paprina boats have a chin as well as a sharp profile with a substantially heavy thrust. This type of boat is considered the most unique boat due to its unique structure which is asymmetrical in the hull. In most instances, the boat is used by young people due to its modern and interesting structure as well as for recreation purposes because of its style. Additionally, the boat is also used in boat sporting competitions in the sea as it is fast hence preferred for sporting competitions by those taking part in sea sports (2017).

Other types of boats include Sandola which is not well known where it derived the name from. In many instances, many Sandola family boats are used for hunting in the sandbank of the lagoon while others can be used for fishing mostly at night with the lampara. Sandola boat is designed in such a way that it is able to respond to all environmental pressures that occur in the lagoon. Other types of boats include Batelon which in recent days is rarely used.

Other than transport boats which were used in the transport of people, there are other types of boats that transport people in Venice from place to place within the city. This type of boats can also be used by various workers in Venice among them been Delivery in the city (2015). Delivery boats are majorly used in various businesses in Venice to deliver goods which might range from big goods such as washing machines to small goods such as delivering food or the products of food. Interestingly, Delivery boats can also be used in in-house moving as well as ferrying of cars from one place to another. Delivery boats are also used in waste collection and transportation from residents to disposal pits. However, many residents in Venice have now started pre-treating their garbage as well as waste before it is even collected by Delivery boats. In order to transport garbage and waste products from one place to another efficiently, Delivery boats are designed with a metallic rubbish container for safe transportation of the garbage. Other types of boats which are used in transport in Venice includes boats used for refrigeration which carries out various transportation of goods in refrigeration of goods in refrigerators (2017).

In order to attract as many people as possible in water transport and also easy accessibility of their work, Venice city usually examines the services they offer to the people regularly. The major key factor which attracts many customers and wins the loyalty of the customers is through offering the best services and ensuring a good transport business system which is well organized. On the side of easy accessibility of the services of Venice boats, the boats have set a timetable with which it strictly follows hence people are able to predict the specific time which the boat arrives or departures (2018). This saves time that people would waste in waiting the boat which has irregular intervals hence Venice boats are reliable all the time. The destination of Venice boats is also specific in that if the boat is set to stop at a specific point, then it must do so without delay. Additionally, the boats know what distance is needed by many customers as well as the purpose of the travel. Boats such as water taxi or the water bus are expected to provide comfort to the people on board and also must be convenient as possible to all people from children to the old people (2017). The vessels additionally have to offer safety to the people on board at all the time.

Other than the unique transport system, Venice has a lot of diverse tourist attraction which attracts many tourists in the area. Many tourists both from local to international tourists have crowded very much in the country hence making the country to suffer from too much tourism. Tourists have led to the tremendous growth of the transport system in the country due to the fact that tourists bring foreign exchange to the country. However, many people have argued that tourists have much harm to the country as compared to the advantage. This is as a result of the loss of cultural roots as the tourists' leads to the introduction of many civilized cultures hence losing the tradition of a lot of watercraft as well as culture. A lot of other changes are realized as a result of adopting the civilized culture of the tourists (2016). However, there is a lot of foreign exchange from the tourists which has been ventured in developing many other companies in the city. The transport system is the key attraction site to many tourists who visits the area (2017).

As a way of improving the services, they offer to the people, policymakers should beneficial issues such as providing long-term protection of the waterways in transport systems. However, in recent years; the transport system in Venice have improved and new technological innovations have been innovated while others are underway. One of the innovations is to attain all the comfort required by those using the water taxi. In order to innovate more in the transport system, the government of Venice has to support the technological innovations among the citizens such as financial support to citizens who have great ideas on the transport and other systems (2017). As one of the achievements in the transport system, the boats which were used fifty years back have improved to modern and most convenient boats for transport. This is as a result of the great number of people who are in need of public transport.

Another key factor which the policymakers makers need to look upon is ensuring the components such as social, environmental and economic management are addressed in the respective communities (2016). This includes educating society on adapting better usage of land activities. Good land use has a positive feedback to the waterways in future. Additionally, the government with other agencies should focus more on improving the efficiency of the water transport system in the city so that it can develop positively. Moreover, the government ought to put strict measures on the borders which would help in monitoring the movement of the tourists in the country hence solving cases of overcrowding of tourists in Venice hence maintaining and preserving traditional practices of citizens of Venice. This can be achieved by just allowing a maximum number of tourists which the country can serve at a time (2018).

The government of Venice has however shown a great support in the water transport system in ensuring that the transport system is as efficient as possible. The government is seen to regulate the movement of the boats in the city which has a positive feedback in ensuring the safety of people is maintained. As a way of improving the appearance of Venice city, the government puts a ban on those ships which are used for recreation only which is a measure put in place so as to facilitate the movement of other types of boats which are more advantageous to the people than recreation boats. Venice has other transport systems other than water transport system with airports and trains in inclusion (2017).

As portrayed above, Venice is a city which has many unique features as compared to other cities in the world such as its efficient water transport system. The aim of the research is to understand the unique transport system in Venice as well as unique vessels made used for transport in the country. Furthermore, the research has led to the understanding of the extraordinary and great innovations that Venice has achieved and the impact of the innovations to the transport industry (2016). The study has clearly shown that there has been a great improvement in the types of vessels used in water transport as compared to vessels which were used before. The government of Venice is on the front line in ensuring that the transport system moves on smoothly without major hindrances. Additionally, the study has clearly shown that tourists have a great impact on Venice city as compared to negative impacts if their numbers are effectively controlled. Also, in Venice; there both public and private means of transport although the majority of the people in the city prefers the use of public means rather than private means. More innovations in the transport industry should be encouraged to ensure that there are more improvements in the transport industry.


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