Free Essay with Some Questions on Human Resources Management

Published: 2022-05-09
Free Essay with Some Questions on Human Resources Management
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Provide a description of your company and employees.

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The company is called classic lingerie. It deals with offering its customers the best lingerie product of high quality to suit the value of their money.

It has various products to satisfy the vast market. The company's employees must be skilled individuals in the manufacturing sector. Models with assertiveness to showcase the product and finally good organizers and managers to run the company production and product showcase roles.

How will you assess employees? (For example, will you make performance appraisals? Will you rank employees?)

The company will perform appraisals to assess' employees. It will involve three steps; the first is identification, through pointing out the behaviors required for successful performance. The second is measurement where the best most appropriate performance assessment tool for business performance, lastly, management through performance evaluation far from the traditional performance method (Jain, 2014).

How will you provide feedback? What kind of feedback will you provide?

Employee feedback should be provided one on one instead of publicly this is to avoid creating unnecessary attention hence positive improvement. It is equally important to be specific so as to mitigate quick changes(Minbaeva et al., 2014).

Will you use micromanagement or macromanagement? Explain how you will accomplish this.

The company will use micromanagement whereas a manager I will closely manage the affairs of the business. My role will be active; I will observe both the employees and subordinates. I will set the pace and control all the assignments in the business(Minbaeva et al., 2014).

How will you reward the top employees? How will you handle low-performing employees?

Rewarding top employees

Employees will be awarded based on their performance. The company will set specific goals it intends to accomplish and allow employees to work towards achieving this goal and those employees that yield expected results will be conferred for their efforts(Peters &Lam, 2015).Handling low performing employees

As for the employees not performing it is crucial to deal with the matter as soon as possible. The employer should be specific in terms of the identified problem it is equally important to avoid any form of emotional confrontation such as use of threatening words(Peters &Lam, 2015).


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