Essay Sample on Value of In-Person Conversations

Published: 2023-07-12
Essay Sample on Value of In-Person Conversations
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Cohesive relationships are an essential aspect of the community since it encourages people to work together and support each other. It is crucial for friends, colleagues, and family members to have good relationships, which promotes the growth of trust and self-esteem that has a positive impact on the economy and their social lives. The current use of advanced technology is the main factor that diminishes the use of face to face meetings for social interactions. A psychology analyst known as Sherry Turkle conducted research that indicated that technology users feel that the use of platforms such as social media makes it difficult for them to participate in face to face meetings or conversations (Woodward and Gary 146-148). There is an argument on the subject since there are two ways to look at the concept of communication. Technological innovations contributed to the development of tools such as social media platforms, dating apps, and equipment, which allows the passing of information and interactions across the globe. But the loss of in-person communication has severe social effects on the community, such as lack of intimacy among loved ones. I think that in-person interactions is important while my sister believes that there is no need for the face to face approach during communication. I hope that through this letter, you and I can reach an agreement on the value of face to face conversations in society.

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Opposing View

I know that you believe that face to face interactions is not essential to ensure communication among people in the community. As my sister who is an information technology expert, I understand why you think that computers and mobile phones are more effective than one on one meetings. In the current world, advanced technology facilitated the development of devices such as smartphones and computers. The tools facilitate the ability of its users to communicate with each other without meeting. It is because people can exchange information in the form of texts and emails. Workplaces can use video conferencing, which is a technique that facilitates the passing of information through individuals in different continents across the globe (Tang and Wenjia). It helps in reducing expenses such as flight cost required to accomplish in-person meeting. Communicating through direct messages works for individuals who have a difficult time in making friends to due to shyness. It is easier to pass information through written words than having in-person meetings, which can be intimidating. Emails aids in various conducting business activities in organizations. For instance, making appointments and placing an order for a particular product or service (Tang and Wenjia). It allows people to maintain a formal relationship rather than physical contact, which encourages discussions that facilitate close connections. Technological tools such as face time enable friends to keep in touch even when in different geographical locations. Individuals spend hours looking at their phone screens to curb loneliness and anxiety since they can act as a distraction.

Value of In-Person Interactions

On the other hand, the technological modes of communication eradicate the implementation of face to face conversations. Over the years, fewer people tend to have physical encounters with each other, and it has severe impacts on the social world. For example, it increases the risk of lack of cooperation and unity in workplaces (Franzen and Jonathan). Disunity enables the deterioration of companies' financial records such as profits. Psychology experts such as Sherry Turkle believe that there is a need for face to face conversations in the community. Sherry's latest book, known as 'Reclaiming Conversation,' noted that the mode of communication allows individuals to strengthen their relationships with each other, enhance one's creativity, and level of productivity (Franzen and Jonathan).

Resolving Conflicts. It is correct that videoconferencing is a technological tool that has a positive impact on enabling communication among firms within various nations. But during arguments or meaningful discussions, the technique undermines the aspect of turn-taking, which encourages misunderstanding and lack of cooperation among employers and stakeholders. For a firm to solve an argument, it is essential to maintain in-person contact among the parties. Face to face communication allows the use of both verbal and non-verbal techniques. Facial expressions, body language, and tone variations have a higher chance of facilitating effective communication than written words (Liew and Hattie 213-215). It is because people can express their feeling, such as remorse, which can help in resolving arguments when arranging business deals. Miscommunication is an aspect that forces firms to lose investments or clients when they rely on negotiating through electronic media.

Impact on Social Connections. Face-to-face communication is an aspect that affects all relationships in the community. It is because individuals tend to lower their sense of empathy towards their loved ones and colleagues when they do not engage in one on one meetings. For example, it affects the relationship of parents and children since it is difficult for teenagers to express their feelings and opinions through online communication. Parents need to have personal interactions with their children, which can strengthen their connection to ensure transparency and openness. Digital technology is a strategy that parents use to make extra money through the use of business apps. It indicates that they work at home, which decreases their free time needed to engage with their children. It is easier for busy parents to demonstrate their love and concern through posting their children's pictures on Facebook and WhatsApp rather than having conversations (Liew and Hattie 213-215). It is because teenagers require patience and time, which can become overwhelming and tedious. Lack of in-person talks affects children's ability to make new friends when in school. It is because they rely on their online and old friends hence tend to be rude to their classmates.

Promoting Courtesy and Respect. Online messaging tools make it possible for their users to send emails or comment on social media posts without identifying their details (Slonje et al. 295-310). It encourages people to be rude to each other by sending hurtful messages without thinking of its impact. Individuals tend to become bullies to satisfy their insecurities, which developed the aspect of cyberbullying. In the current world, a higher number of teenagers and celebrities receive online bullying, which affects their social life and self-esteem (Slonje et al. 295-310). It makes it difficult for young people to be socially active due to trauma. Cyberbullying also increases the risk of suicides since it affects people's mental health by promoting stress and depression. It is impossible for people to speak harsh and disrespectful words to each other during physical encounters. It is because they are afraid of revealing their identities and participating in confrontations. It illustrates that the aspect of talking in-person forces individuals to be kind and show respect to each other.

Encourages Creativity. Advanced communication tools encourage the aspect of entertainment among its users. People can engage in playing video games and watching movies. It makes individuals afraid of getting bored, which affects their ability to be patient (Liew and Hattie 213-215). People need to spend time on their own without distraction since it allows them to be creative and innovative when developing business, also personal ideas and goals.


In conclusion, let's face it, the diminishing use of face-to-face interaction does have an impact on society. It undermines the idea of individuals having intimate and sincere talks, which encourages openness, privacy, and a lack of disagreements in the community. Technology has its benefits, but it should not be the primary technique used to ensure communication. People need to reduce the amount of time that they handle smartphones and tablets within a day. It is correct to say that in-person talks are a valuable aspect of the community.

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